Settling into Summer

I'm settling into a summer routine.  It's a bit different this year, because I don't have any kids for whom I have to be responsible...for the first time in 26 years.  YS still lives at home, but he's self-sufficient and pretty much comes & goes as he pleases.  He's taking a class & working, so he's not here very much.
Here's my routine (so far):
  Eat breakfast (after I let the girls out for their morning potty break)
  Take Laika & Pepper for a 30 minute walk in the park.  One time around the loop of the park takes right at 30 minutes, which is what my dietitian (12 years ago when I had one & lost 50 pounds) told me to do every day.  I'm following that with some arm exercises (because my arms haven't gotten waaaay out of to speak!)...need to add some ab work to that, too!
  Computer time:  blog, read blogs, check emails.  I'm trying to stay off of FB in the mornings...that's 1 sure way to get sucked in and waste a lot of time!
  Mid-morning coffee while having computer time.  (To help stave off the urge to eat something!)  Did you know that you have to have water in the coffee maker to make coffee?  I usually put the water in first, but yesterday put the coffee in, turned it on, and sat down at the table.  Then I wondered why I didn't hear it!
  Shower.  Followed by some book reading or cleaning.
  Lunch...and more reading.  I like to read while I'm eating lunch.  I know you're not supposed to do anything while you're eating, but...oh, well!
  Clean.  At least 1 room, or part of a room.  I don't want to get too carried away!  Or, run errands in town.
  By this time, it's late afternoon; time to wind down with reading and maybe a nap!
  Fix dinner so that it's ready soon after CH gets home from work.
  Clean the kitchen, followed by more reading.  It's been cool enough lately that I can sit out on the back porch for a little while and read.  I know that's going to come to an end very soon, though!  When I come in, it's FB time & tv.  Followed by bed.

We have a few out of town short trips planned, so hopefully I'll be able to fall back into the routine when we get back. 
I'm the kind of person who needs a routine (see the coffee-making!); I just do better and get more accomplished when I have one.  Ally (my 15 year old mini-schnauzer) has been "woofing" around 5:00 a.m.; I try to hold her off until 6:00.  It's summer break, after all!
Do you have a summer routine?  If so, what is it?


  1. I think it's good to have a routine! Since I'm retired, I guess every day is "summer", so to speak. And yes, I have a bit of a routine ... the days when I have to disrupt my routine always make me a little grumpy ... UNLESS it involves going to the beach! ;-)

    1. I forgot to mention that I, too, read at lunch. I know that we're not supposed to, but other than right before bedtime, it seems to be the only time I can get in some reading.

  2. I'm still working full time, so M-F I DO have a morning routine that I follow. It goes so smoothly, that I don't even have to look at the clock. It includes cleaning food bowls and feeding four anxious-for-breakfast cats, cleaning the three litter boxes, a shower (of course) and all that goes into getting ready for work. I also pack breakfast and lunch. One pill has to be on an empty stomach for a certain amount of time. It's easier to take breakfast to work. Then I can take the pill that requires food. Sigh. Getting old.....

  3. Impossible for me to have a real routine.. everyday is different.. & I travel so much.. but I would like to get in the habit of working out everyday.. WORKING on it! lol

  4. Isn't that a nice time when you are retired and the kids are out of the house ? I enjoy it very much !

  5. Sounds like a wonderful schedule!

  6. I'm thinking that's a picture of the city pool? Funny, with just a little modification here and there, it looks like the city pool where we used to live in Montana.

    That is a great routine you have! Its good that there is a bit of structure there too so it might be easy to get back into the formal routine once school starts way off at the end of summer.

    When I'm alone at lunch, I like to read blogs and eat, LOL. And then I have to make sure I get rid of all the crumbs since I'm technically not supposed to be eating by the computer :)

    Koda does this little "ruff" when he wants out, regardless of time. I've learned its better to give in, let him out and then get him back to the room and maybe catch a bit more of sleep. He's very schedule oriented; I can tell the time by what he is ready to do :)


  7. Sounds like a lovely day to me! Keep up the good work with your walking! I really need to do more of that.


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