Weekend Wrap-up

The highlight of my weekend was a friend's daughter's wedding.  This is a young lady who is very intelligent and has a very kind heart, but can be as dopey as the next person!  CH & I used to go to away high school football games with my friend and her significant other.  Sadly, when they broke up, we didn't see each other much.  
My friend said they had a venue booked, and 5 weeks before the wedding they were notified that the building "wasn't structurally sound".  They scrambled, and, in my opinion, found the perfect place:
It definitely had a prettier view than their original plan.
 It was a very informal, yet intimate wedding.  The groomsmen wore Sperry's:

When I first saw the bride, I thought, "That's not the young lady I knew", but then, as she was coming down the aisle, she said, "Hey!" and I knew she was still there!
I didn't even think about taking tissue with me; it's a good thing I had sunglasses on!  It almost felt like it was my own daughter getting married.  There were several times during the short ceremony that I got teary-eyed; it was just so beautiful.  My friend did an amazing job with everything.  Beside each row of chairs, there were stumps with these on them:
There were clear stones on the bottom, something that looked like some kind of gel, and a candle on top of that.  Just the right touch!
The reception was in a barn; barbecue was served.
On the tables were these mason jars, as well as tags:

The couples' first dance:

 The rest of the weekend was pretty low-key.  What was the highlight of  your weekend?


  1. Sounds like their Plan B worked out perfectly! What a sweet wedding!

  2. So beautiful... I love the simple nature background...

  3. What a beautiful wedding. I almost cried and I don't even know them. :)

  4. Hey - FYI - I was going to answer you back (LOVE LOVE LOVE People's Couch)... but its changed where you can't reply back - your email address is gone. Didn't know if you knew :)

  5. Looks lovely - I can see why you cried. Especially the last pic of them dancing.

  6. I was there & I cried lol it was beautiful, she is a gorgeous young lady, & sweet as ever, heart of gold :) You could feel the love & happiness in the air from the beautiful couple ♡

  7. It looks just lovely! Don't you just love weddings?!

  8. I can't think of a better way to enjoy your weekend. It looks like a lovely wedding and I love the mugs....what a great gift!

  9. How sweet.....don't you just love seeing 'young love'??
    Her dress was just perfect as was the venue!
    Me? Well I had 40 plus of my closest friends over on Saturday. HA.


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