Sunny Wednesday Hodgepodge

1. What summer activity most takes you back to your own childhood?
Swimming, since that's what we did to escape the heat during the summer weekdays.  (No air conditioning)

2. What's your favorite summer smell?
Suntan lotion with coconut.  Specifically, Hawaiian Tropic.

3. It's beach season in the US of how do you feel about sand?
Let me put it this way:  The beach would be a perfect place if it wasn't for all that sand!

4. Sun tea, SunChips, sunflower seeds, Capri Sun, Sunny Delight, Sun-Maid raisins, sun-dried tomatoes...your favorite food or beverage with sun in its name?
Sun chips.

5. What's your favorite way to cool off on a hot summer day?
Being able to dip into a cool pool.

6. Share a favorite song with the word sun or sunshine in it's title.
I'm going with the first one I thought of:

7. Tell us about a time you had an exceedingly good or truly awful customer service experience. If it was awful, did you report it? Ever go back there again?
About a month ago, I went through the line at the grocery store where I do almost all of my shopping.  There was 1 person in line ahead of me (with not an unusually large order), and it took me 20 minutes to get checked out.  The cashier was extremely slow & chatty. At one point, I nicely suggested to her that she move the bar they use to separate orders so that the items would move closer to her. Since I've been going to that particular store for 10 years, the manager of the front line recognizes me when I go in.  I did mention it to her, and I prefaced it with, "you know I very rarely say anything".  Turns out the cashier was new (which is exactly what I thought).  I haven't seen her in there since, so I'm wondering if others complained or she just didn't work out.

8.  Insert your own random thought here.
Can someone please tell me if they experience the same thing I am on Bloglovin'?
1)  When I click on a blog on my list, sometimes the post opens in a new window, sometimes it doesn't.
2)  When I open a post, sometimes I can comment through Bloglovin', sometimes I can't.  If it won't let me, I have to put in the blog's URL and go straight through the blog.
Thanks in advance!  


  1. Your blog doesn't look like it normally does. I can read the post fine, but that's all I see, no header, background or pics. Just fyi. I have the same problem with bloglovin. Someone told me there's a way to fix the commenting problem which is super annoying, but of course I didn't do it right then and now can't remember how. Hopefully someone will help us out today : )

  2. I'm with Joyce...your blog doesn't look the header, background or pics. BUT...happy hodgepodge anyhew!! :-) Love your answer to the beach question! I actually laughed aloud!

  3. I can't comment at all when I open a post through Bloglovin. If I click to close the Bloglovin header that always appears when I open posts through Bloglovin, then I can. I've never had trouble with the posts opening in a new window.

  4. I have Bloglovin, but I never use it.

  5. I use bloglovin and google friends connect...and absolutely hate goggle+.
    Your whole blog is over to the left and totally white...
    Loved reading your answers. :)

  6. Like Anni...I never use Bloglovin, either...not sure how. Yes, your blog is 100% different. No header, no photos, just today's post. Hope you can figure out what went wrong and that it's an easy fix!

  7. I have no idea what's going on with my blog. I've tried Chrome, Explorer, and Firefox, and all of them are working on my computer, even when I'm not logged into my Google account!

  8. Haven't visited before and I am on my iPhone so everything is small but I had no problems. Don't see any header or pics thouh. You've remembered the name of the specific suntan lotion though. It was soo good. Don't know if they even have it any more. Hope you figure out your problem.

  9. It makes a difference if you click on the blog name or the blog title. I always click on the blog title - that takes you directly to the blog.& out of BlogLovin.

    1. I figured it out! Just in case anybody is wondering: If you go to Settings, scroll down to "other", then under "The Bloglovin' Frame" click on the "I don't want it" box, you can click on a post and it will take you out of Bloglovin'.

  10. Unfortunately cashiers don't get the proper training anymore. My husband does most of the shopping so he has more experience with the cashiers than I do.

  11. That poor girl at the register. I hope that wherever she went to that she is better suited. A nice cold pool sounds awesome. As for Bloglovin, I can't figure out how to get on mine. So I can't help. Sorry.

  12. We didn't have central AC either growing up. I remember when my dad brought home a window AC unit for my parents' bedroom. Lucky them! And, our cars didn't have AC either - so the windows were always rolled down in the summer, to feel the warm breeze. (Geez, it sounds like I grew up in the dark ages! Things have changed so much in one generation!)

  13. We didn't have a/c growing up either. I think that's why I like it so much now. That's a great song, too! Makes me tap my foot.

  14. I hadn't read the other comments so I'm not sure if you received an answer about commenting on Bloglovin, but...if you can't comment, sometimes you have to click on that person's X on the top right corner of the page. Hope that helps! :)

  15. I love the coconut smell too and Sun Chips. I grew up in South Florida and we never had air-conditioning when I was a child. We had fans.

  16. I picked the same song and you are right....nothing smells like summer more than Hawaiian Tropic.

  17. Oh my gosh, the memories of coconut sun tanning lotion! That would have driven me crazy with the cashier. I think you had great restraint to say what you said and nothing more.


  18. Your blog looks fine to me and I did what you said with bloglovin and now I go directly to the blog. Thank you so much!!

  19. I apologize for getting back to you a day later! Anyway we also didn't have A/C growing up, Later on i learned its better for the environment not having one. Although we did have a swimming pool where i spent most of my summer hours. ;) Have a great week!

  20. I am having the same problem with commenting on Bloglovin. I have to put the url in myself, then go look for that post...annoying.

    The summer activity that would take me back, if I still did it, is swimming at the beach. Our family would order KFC chicken, go to the beach, and eat & swim.

    I have several favorite smells. Coconut is one of them.

    I like sunflower seeds.

    This is a cute meme. I should do it sometime.


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