Fall Break Breakdown

Back to the ol' grind. At least we had a Professional Development Day yesterday, and "Parent Conferences" (if we have at least 6 hours of parent contact, we don't have to actually be at school) on Friday, so it's a short week! Here's the breakdown of last week:
(Don't forget to click on the pictures to make them larger!)
Books: 2
(I was actually half through with this book. I got it as a freebie. Pretty good book.)
Product Details
(I grabbed this off of my nightstand--where it had been for over 2 years--right before we left. I was glad I did! Excellent book!)
Product Details
Campgrounds: 2
 Mt. Pisgah (recommended to us by our neighbors in James Island):
You can read my review of James Island here.
Beaches: 3
Folly Beach:
 Isle of Palms:

Laika Playing in the Ocean:

Dinners made at the campsite: 5
Day 1: Brats (no picture!)
Shrimp & Sausage Gumbo & bread:
And steak (no picture)
County Parks Visited: 6
James Island:
 Mt. Pleasant:
Old Towne (This is actually a future park, but the county owns it):
Isle of Palms (see above)
Folly Beach (see above)
Kiawah Beachwalker Park (see above)
Selfies: 4
Angel Tree
 Folly Beach:
 Isle of Palms

Amazing nature:
Blue Ridge Parkway
Mt. Pisgah

Wildlife (a little too closely: 7+
1 squirrel who came within a couple of feet while I was reading at the campsite
1 raccoon that I caught out of the corner of my eye as he was walking through our campsite.
2 raccoons that walked around the edge of our neighbors' site
2 more raccoons that shimmied down a tree behind of our neighbor's back and peeked around the trunk before coming the rest of the way down
Many toads
1 tree frog that visited CH as he was inside reading
Water views:
Charlestonian Gates:

Charleston Houses:
Pure Charleston:
Lowcountry Houses:

Fall scenes:

It was a pretty awesome week!


  1. You sure saw some beautiful sights, Mary! So happy y'all had a fun time!

  2. We have been to Charleston and Folly Beach twice, for a week each time. It is such a beautiful place to vacation. Your photos are stunning, and it looks like you had a wonderful time!

  3. It seemed like a great way to spend fall break!


  4. Last year, as part of my 50th jubilee celebration I took a bus trip to Charleston and Savannah. Absolutely loved it! Thanks for the book tips--I'll add them to my list of books to look for. Always glad for recommendations!

  5. I want to be there sharing in your adventures, they look like so much fun! Thank you for all the photos, I enjoyed looking at them and you set up such a beautiful campsite and it looks like you eat pretty good meals too!

  6. Mary! What a break! This is just awesome and boy do I covet you and your camping time!!!!

  7. I love the beach!

    We are hoping to move to Wilmington, N.C. next summer.
    So we'll be right close to the beach...love, love, love


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