Long Overdue Weekend Wrap-Up: Sisters' Weekend

Yes, I realize that I went on my Sisters' Weekend almost 2 months ago. Yikes! Where does the time go?
As always, it was a really good weekend. It was different without Mama being there, and there were times when we all had tears in our eyes, but it wasn't a big "cry-fest". One of my sisters made sure there was plenty of  tissue in the house, but we didn't need it. It was more of a happy time...a time for us to talk about memories with Mama. I think I had a couple of conversations that I wouldn't have had if Mama had been there, but they were good conversations.
First, the cabin. We went to a resort that is not far from a sister's house.
 The outside:
And some of the inside:
It was quite nice: 4 bedrooms (3 upstairs & 1 downstairs), 3.5 baths.
As usual, when we got there on Friday, we picked bedrooms, unpacked, and then sat on the porch with a beverage of choice. Two of my SIL & myself fixed dinner & dessert. We went with easy: taco bar with pie for dessert.
For breakfast on Saturday, everybody brought an ingredient (their choice...no restrictions!) and we set it out on the counter. We all threw out ideas on what to do with everything. One of my sisters brought Daddy's leftover birthday cake from that Thursday night and had that in the mix. So...we had ham with birthday cake glaze (it turned out to be blue), eggs with sausage & mushroom sauce, bagels, bread with tomatoes, and fruit.
A closeup of the ham:

After breakfast, it was time for the Spa!
We had our choice of what we wanted to do. I think most of us chose pedis & a massage. The nail room was gorgeous. It was like sitting in a tree! So calming. (I didn't take a picture of it...I didn't want to be too weird!) This massage was only my 2nd one, and my 1st one by a male. We ended up talking the whole time after we realized we had quite a bit in common.
After/during our Spa time, the UT football game was on, so we watched the game.
Before supper, we had a little visitor:
My niece was taking care of a co-worker's baby pig for the weekend. It was the sweetest little thing! Apparently the owner thought she was getting one of the little pigs, but this is a real pig! He's going to be a whopper when he's full grown!
For supper that night, we each brought something to grill (steak or chicken). One of my sisters made tomato pie that was to die for. We also had green beans from another sisters' garden, deviled eggs, and bread.

One of my sisters found some "Ski" Soda, and brought one for my SILs.
(My maiden name ends in "ski", so if you didn't already know that, the "Ski soda" will make sense now!)
The Texas A&M game (Gig 'Em!) took  forever to get started. I was trying to skype or google hangout with my sister who is working toward her Ph.D. at A&M, but she was in the stadium and couldn't get reception. We were able to text and send pictures back & forth, though. This is a picture she sent of her with 3 of our cousins:

Sunday morning came way too quickly. We packed up, cleaned up, and headed to The Apple Barn. We usually take a group picture at the cabin, but we forgot this time. One of my SILs wasn't feeling well that morning, so my brother drove up and picked her up, so we couldn't take one at the restaurant. We did get a picture of the rest of us:
Before we went in, one of my SILs spied this:
Pigeon Forge has a lot of car shows; in fact, it seems like there's one just about every weekend in the fall! My speech blog is called "Old School Speech", so I had to get a picture of the bus! 
All in all, a wonderful weekend. Mama's passing was still pretty fresh, but we needed that weekend for us
I mentioned Daddy's birthday...the night before we went on our weekend, the family gathered at my house for cake & ice cream to celebrate Daddy's 89th birthday. 

 The blue icing on the cake turned everybody's tongues blue:
 Lips, too!
That takes care of Sisters' Weekend...and it only took me 2 months to take care of it!


  1. I'm so glad you got to get away with your sisters. How wonderful to be together and enjoy each other and remember your mom too. My dad passed away in August and one thing that is hard for me is that there are no siblings to grieve with, my two brothers have already passed away and my sister doesn't talk to anyone in the family.

    I'm so sorry for the loss of your mom.

  2. Sounds like a wonderful time, Mary! Glad you enjoyed it!

  3. What a great thing to do!! So fun. Love the photos and all the blue tongues! Using it for a ham glaze = priceless!!

  4. I have not had a Ski soda in years. We cannot find them around here. Loved the blue glaze on the ham and I am so glad you all had a great time.

  5. Glad you had a good time, and it sounds like it was a much needed time to get together as well!

  6. I have some posts to write about some things we did several months ago! The cabin looks wonderful. Well that was a different breakfast. Dinner sounds like it was delicious. Sounds like it was exactly what you all needed. Happy Birthday to your dad and I love his blue tongue!

  7. This is such a blessing for y'all! I love how you do this each year. What an awesome get away!


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