Randomly Hodgepodging

1. What's your favorite time of day? Why?
Now that the boys are gone (or almost gone), I really enjoy the late afternoon. The time of day when I'm at the house by myself.
In the summer, I would say early morning. Especially this past summer, when I walked every morning at 6:00. (Yep, that's a.m.)

2. Waffle iron, toaster, coffee maker, mixer, blender...which small appliance would you say most needs replacing in your house? 
I noticed my blender has a crack in it, so I would say that. It doesn't get much use, though.

3. It's National Grouch Day (October 15)...what's something that makes you feel grouchy?
Not getting enough sleep.

4. Ever been to Canada? Is that a country you'd like to visit? According to Trip Advisor, the top ten best destinations in Canada are-Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, Quebec City, Victoria, Calgary, Niagara on the Lake, Niagara Falls, Whistler, and Halifax. Which city would you most like to see?
I've never been, but want to go. Any of those places would be wonderful to go to, so I don't have a preference!

5. What was your favorite food (or one of your favorites) when you were a child? Is that still a favorite?
Chocolate. Yes, it still is!

6. Do you cry easily?
I used to when I was younger, but now...not so much. Unless it's some stupid commercial or something very sentimental. Then the waterworks come on.

7. Have you started your (gasp!) Christmas shopping? If so when, and how much? If not, when will you even begin thinking about it?
The only thing I've bought so far is a little something for my SIL. I suppose I'll start thinking about right around Thanksgiving.

8.  Insert your own random thought here.
The bad thing about having a week off for Fall Break is getting back into the swing of things. To see what I did over Break, click here.


  1. Not getting enough sleep is a biggie for me.
    I woke up early today, earlier than usual.
    The bug man is coming this morning and I have an appointment this afternoon.
    I hope I am not grouchy today. I already feel like I could take a nap.
    Well at least supper is cooking in the crockpot. So not much to do for supper.

  2. Yes, lack of sleep makes me very grouchy, too. ;-)

  3. It is a challenge to get back in the groove after being away. And then after you're back a few days, it's almost like you were never away. That's why I need regular getaways on the calendar : ) Looked like you had a wonderful trip!

  4. After looking through the photos of your fall break, I can understand how it might be difficult to go back to work :) Great photos, by the way!

  5. Wish I would have enjoyed chocolate as a child! It took me a long time before I ever tried chocolate, in fact I was a teenager. I used to think anything that was covered in chocolate looked like it was coated in mud, and I didn't want to try it. My Mom didn't seem to mind or try to tell me differently, and would happily eat any chocolate I received.

    Why can't my children be like that? I would love to have their chocolate. :)

  6. Oh yes, I forgot that chocolate is a food. LOL It's always been a favorite of mine too. :-) And about the 6 A.M., it's still dark here at six.

  7. Another fun Hodgepodge!! I enjoyed your answers!

  8. I thought about putting chocolate for my favorite, too! I definitely still like it! I hope you get to visit Canada. I've enjoyed every place I've been except maybe Toronto since the parts we were in were like every other large city.

    Have a great week!

  9. Your fall break sounded wonderful and relaxing. Going back to work always stinks.

  10. Interestingly enough, I cry more readily now that I did when I was younger. I know that I've always (as an adult at least) tried to hold back the tears--not wanting to let people see me cry. I wouldn't even let myself cry at a sad movie. Now within the last few years I've found that it's harder for me to do that--and I'm slowly learning that this is OK! Guess I'm a slow learner!

  11. You never get too old for chocolate! :)
    Going back after a vacation is the worst!!!!

  12. Fall break-wish our division scheduled one-seems like about now I get tired and could use a little break. Haven't bought any Christmas gifts usually begin around Thanksgiving, too.

  13. It is nice to have the house to ourselves for a bit of time, isn't it? I guess one of the advantages of surviving the teen years :)


  14. How did I forget chocolate??? My mom and my husband both had to hide it from me.

  15. Wonderful answers! Chocolate never goes out of favor!

  16. Great answers! Chocolate never goes out of favor!

  17. Chocolate is quite yummy, isn't it? In any form! But when I was younger I never really wanted a lot of it!

  18. I guess I could have said chocolate. I did like candy! Enjoyed reading your answers and enjoy the rest of your week.

  19. Chocolate..I'm eating a chocolate lava cake right now...yum

    We can get our Christmas money out of the Christmas fund the week of Thanksgiving.
    So that's when we'll be thinking Christmas and presents.I can hardly wait.
    I plan to buy some more cast iron pots and pans.


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