{Friday Foto Friends} Definite Signs of Spring & Other Things

I’m joining Deb again this week for Friday Foto Friends!
Last Saturday, CH & I splurged and bought some new bicycles. There have been a lot of times when we've been on a camping trip & wished we had bicycles.
While on a bike ride, we ran across this mama and her babies...in the Parks & Rec swimming pool...which is being drained. When I drove by yesterday, I noticed they were still in there. I called the office and the lady assured me that they would get them out before they get hurt. She said they deal with this every year. 
This is a tree beside the gym at my mountain school. It's so pretty when it blooms...too bad the blooms don't stay very long.
Here's a view from my window at my mountain school. I happened to look outside Thursday morning & saw the sun coming up.
CH & I are in the planning stages of a new kitchen. I went by a place the other day to just look and see what's available. I thought this was very cool. Instead of having a lazy susan in the corner, this pulls out like a drawer, and when you keep pulling it, it turns and a some shelves just appear!!!  It's probably over our budget, but I really liked that idea.
This is actually OS' picture. Isn't my granddog handsome? Such a good boy!
My SIL gave me an essential oils necklace for my birthday. I decided to give it a try. It can't hurt, right? People who use it swear by it, so I'm going to see what happens.
My dad made this super-cool wine holder. I call it "magical"! It's been sitting down at the house and no one made a claim to it, so I took it (after writing it on the list-just in case any of my siblings are reading this!) 
If you read my Hodgepodge post from Wed., I included this picture:
and I mentioned how excited I was to see the UPS man pull in the driveway. Here's what was delivered:
CH & I talked off & on since our trip to SD last summer about getting a case of wine from Prairie Berry in Hill City, SD. But, I didn't feel like I could justify spending money on a case of wine when I could drive down the street and get some wine. Not Prairie Berry, though; it's not carried here. My sweet FIL & MIL included something special in my birthday card, so I decided to indulge! YS & I brought home several bottles in July. The Wild Bill bottle you see in the Magical Wine Holder is our last bottle from the trip. So, you can see why I was so excited about seeing the UPS man!
It was a busy, busy week. How was yours?


  1. I hope you enjoy your diffuser and essential oils as much as we do! We have two diffusers in our home - one on the main floor and one on the second floor. I make different blends with the oils so my family and I have a variety of scents in the home. Bike riding when you're camping sounds like a great way to further explore another part of the country at a closer level than by car.

  2. I would have been excited to see the UPS truck too! We don't drink a lot of wine, but it's nice to open a bottle when company comes over! Even nicer when it's GOOD wine!

  3. It was a busy week. Thanks for the link on the wine. That is a awesome wine holder. A new kitchen sounds wonderful. I do love Spring! Have a great weekend.

  4. Enjoy the bikes! I love having a bike again, even though I have issues. ;) Looks like this will also be a good weekend for some wine.

  5. Oh! I love the bike idea. Good for you! I was just telling my love last night that I want to get a bike. And the wine...best.gift.ever!


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