{Friday Foto Friends} Painting & Moving

Friday already? Why do breaks always go by so quickly! I need a break to get over my break! It's been a very busy week. I've had a dr.'s appointment, mammogram (don't forget to get yours annually!), vet appointment, and car appointment. And, there has been a Mass for my daddy every day except for Wednesday. 
My brother carried this jewel down from the attic at my parents' house. Apparently we had been told to "get off our high horse" a lot! 😀
This is how my Sunday started. Yeah, it usually helps to put the coffee grounds in the pot when making coffee!
I spent Sunday afternoon painting 1 of the spare bedrooms and then putting it back together. This is what it looked like before I painted:
Why I agreed to allow YS have an orange room when we moved in is beside me! Luckily, it only took 1 coat of Kilz and another coat of paint to cover it up.
Excuse the mess on the beds...I haven't completely finished this bedroom! But, I spend Monday painting this bedroom and putting it back together. Here's the before:
Not as much of a difference from the other room, but the walls went from gray to "mushroom".
I saw this sign on Tuesday when I ran into the restroom at church.
Wednesday was moving day. Apparently, several years ago, I told my daddy that I wanted the piano. So, I scheduled the piano movers for a day during break, and Wednesday was the day. 1 of the guys told my brother & me that they move around 1200 pianos a year. I was shocked! He said they send about 50 a year to the dump, which made me sad. Hopefully it was that they were dump-worthy & it wasn't that the owners just didn't want them anymore. Anyway, getting the piano down the front yard steps was a little hairy, but they did it without any damage.
When they got to my house, they assessed the back and front entrances, and decided the back was the path of least resistance. They had no trouble at all getting the piano in the house.
And there she is. Eloise has a new home! I plan on taking piano lessons (something I've always wanted to do) very soon. I don't want her to be just a piece of the furniture. My mom saved her cake-decorating money to buy her over 40 years ago. We're not sure exactly when she bought it. 
If you're in the Knoxville area & need a piano mover, let me know. I'd highly recommend them!

That's it for the pictures for the week. I was able to relax Thursday and watch Time after Time on Hulu. Excellent show! Thanks to my big sister for making aware of it! 😘

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  1. Keep us posted about your progress with piano lessons. I sure wish I had taken them longer and learned to play better way back when. Go for it!! Glad you were able to get rid of the orange without too many coats of paint!

  2. I love that sign. I've gotta get my daughter to paint that for me. What a beautiful piano. Have fun learning to play it. I love a piano.

  3. Oh, I want to take piano lessons someday, too. Glad you got so much accomplished. Thanks for sharing these with everybody today. Hope you have a great weekend!

  4. Love the sign about Jesus and germs! I always thought I'd want to play the piano, but the opportunity never came up. I do hope you enjoy your piano!

  5. The freshly painted bedrooms look GREAT, Mary! And that high horse (ha ha ha ha ha!)! I'm tickled about you receiving that piano and know that you will cherish it forever. Enjoy!

  6. Wow you have been busy! You said yes to the orange room because you're a Volunteer!! I love a freshly painted room. You must feel good to have accomplished so much.


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