The Perfect Wednesday Hodgepodge

Who else is loving Joyce's new look?  Mah-velous! Just mah-velous! And, she's decided to take next week off for the hodgepodge. It's almost as though she did it just for me, since I'll be on break!

1. What is one area of your life where you're a perfectionist? Is that a good thing?
My job. I think it's a good thing. It's horrible to go into a school behind someone who isn't!

2. What's something you find perfectly ridiculous?
Where do I even start on this one?  I honestly think social media is getting pretty ridiculous. I've really toned down just how much time I spend on it. I mostly get on Facebook to check my notifications; Twitter to post my blog posts. I'm very, very rarely on Snapchat (only when MS sends something). I spend most of my time with Instagram, but the new stories feature? That's ridiculous!

3. What's a skill you've developed by way of that old fashioned saying, 'practice makes perfect?
Playing the flute. I used to play for hours to perfect that skill. Now, I'm down to just playing for Mass, but I still practice; just not as much.

4. What's your idea of a perfect breakfast?
One that someone else makes & serves!  😲

5. What's a trip, holiday, vacation, or day outing you've taken that you'd rate a perfect 10? Tell us why.
Last summer's trip to South Dakota and Colorado was pretty darned close to a 10. Camping, National Parks, the Rockies, my sister...what else can I say?

6. What quote or saying perfectly sums up your life right now? If you can't do perfect, how about one that comes close?
Just living is not enough... one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower. - Hans Christian Andersen

7. How would you spend $300 today?
When you think about it, $300 really isn't that much! I'd probably put it toward my credit card bill.

8.  Insert your own random thought here.
Ah, Spring Break is next week! I've got a busy week planned with appointments. I think I'm going to need a Spring Break to get over my Spring Break!


  1. I agree with you on #1. I was a total perfectionist when I taught. I thought the same thing about $300 not being very much. How did we get to the point where $300 is not very much money? Sheesh. I wonder if I can get someone to cook, serve, and clean up breakfast for me this morning? :) Have a wonderful Wednesday!

  2. I totally agree with your answer to #2 and #4 :) Enjoy your spring break, you deserve it.
    Kathy (Reflections)

  3. I enjoyed reading your answers, Mary. And yes, Joyce's new look on the blog (and Hodgepodge button) is simply glorious. I love that header!

  4. I think the flute must be fun to play. I chose the flute when we had to pick an instrument to play in elementary school but couldn't get it. I was told my lips weren't shaped right so switched to the cello, which was a disaster. At least I got to take lessons with my best friend though :) Have a wonderful Spring Break!

  5. I love the Rockies, too, Mary...hope to go back one day! Hope you can find a little time to get in some R& R during your Spring Break!

  6. Love your number 2 comment. I am jealous about your spring break...mine is not until the end of the month....sigh.

  7. I am totally with you on #4! Any meal tastes better when you didn't have to cook it yourself.

  8. Enjoy your Spring Break and catching up on appointments, hopefully mixed with some relaxation too. Did I tell you about the SLP I followed at a school in Virginia who had a pie business going on the side (during school hours!!). Yikes, it was bad!

  9. Mary, you and I like the same breakfast!! We have a Montessori Middle School here at the museum everyday. Two of the young girls come to my office at the end of most days (not to see me, but to buy a snack from the snack area outside of my office) and we always talk a bit. Sweet girls. They were really sad for me that I don't get a spring break! LOL

  10. Great Hodgepodge - we think alike on the breakfast question!

  11. Yes social media is ridiculous! Way to go on playing your flute. Enjoy your spring break.

  12. Very cute post! I hope you find some time to relax during your spring need to recharge those batteries!


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