Slowing Down for the Hodgepodge

1. 'Slow and steady wins the race'...tell us about a time this was true in your own life. 
I don’t think I do anything slowly.  I’m starting off on a good note, aren’t I? I’ve got absolutely no answer to this one!  

2. 'As slow as molasses'...Do you like molasses? How about maple syrup? Caramel? Butterscotch? What's your favorite of the slow moving treats mentioned here, and what's your favorite food made with that sweet treat? 
Now, we’re talking! Of the 4, I don’t like molasses...unless it’s in cookies! My favorite is caramel, and I’m not picky when it comes to things being made with it!

3. Your favorite slow song? 
There are so many good slow songs that I’ve heard and loved; I can’t pick just one! Anything by The Carpenters or Barry Manilow will do the trick.

4. Your favorite thing to make in a slow cooker or crock pot? 
Red & White Chicken Chili. I found the recipe in the box of the crockpot liners. Very good!

5. 'You may delay, but time will not.' ~Benjamin Franklin Are you more a hurrier or a delayer when it comes to unpleasant tasks that need doing? What are you currently either delaying or hurrying to get through this week or month?
See #1.
I just hope March goes as slowly as February did. I have a feeling Spring Break will go by in a wink of an eye.

6. Tell us three things you encounter regularly or even just occasionally that you find to be annoyingly slow.
1. The weekdays
2. Some drivers on the road to 1 of my schools
3. The line I get in while at the grocery store (It doesn’t matter which line I’m in, it’s going to be the slowest. I’ve thought about warning the people behind me so they won’t get stuck.)

7. March is National Craft Month. Are you crafty? Tell us about something crafty you'll try in the next thirty one days. Or something crafty you'd like to try or wish you had the skill to make happen. 
This really isn’t crafty, since I’m not a crafty person, but I have plans to paint a couple of the bedrooms in our house.

8. Insert your own random thought here. 
As things are settling down, I’m finding myself with a little more time. I actually finished a book Monday evening! Goodreads says I have 3 more to go before I’m on track to completing my reading goal for the year. I’m sure we’ll have some camping weekends, so I’ll get caught up pretty easily!


  1. I agree just about anything by the Carpenters ar Barry Manilow is awesome.

  2. Had to laugh when you said that you seem to pick the line that's the slowest and wanting to warn people behind you. Goodreads is such a great way to keep track of books that you've read and want to read, isn't it? Hope you have a good week!

  3. I've been reading a lot this year. Less time on social media means more time for books : ) I think painting counts. Some people would hire out for that. I do love a freshly painted room. Enjoy your spring break!

  4. I just painted one of our bedrooms. I thought it would only take a few hours...WRONG! I was so relieved when all was said and done...the clean-up is the worst part.

  5. Glad that life is getting back to normal for you. Have fun reading and painting those bedrooms :)
    Kathy (Reflections)

  6. I didn't have an answer for #1. I do hope Mark goes by slowly, however I thought January and February flew by quickly. How is it that we all pick the slow lanes at the grocery store....LOL

  7. Some weekdays are annoying for me, too! The new year is going by too quickly for me...wishing for March to slow down.


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