{Friday Foto Friends} Dogs, Flowers, & History

Linking up with Deb this week (since I missed last week due to be so distraught about my kitchen!). I managed to take a few pictures this week!
Garage Sale that took place in the garages!
Last Friday & Saturday, my brother organized a garage sale to see how much more stuff from my parents' house we could dispose of. His wife and SIL worked their butts off with pricing and then working those 2 days. My back was doing much better, so I was able to go down and help out as well.
Girl Dog is settling in
Just in case you missed it on Wed., MS' dog is our year-long house guest. She's as cute as can be, so get ready for a few pictures!
This broke my heart.
The above picture was taken after MS left. She looked at every car going by to see if it was MS.
She's making herself at home!
This is where she lays when I'm sitting at my desk. The other night she also got under our bed for a while.
I haven't killed anything yet!
Updated picture of my front porch planter. Everything is still living...for now!
Could she be any cuter?
This is what I saw when I turned to go back inside. I couldn't resist, even with the reflection of my bare feet in the window!
Lilies at Daddy's
The flowers down at my parents' house are blooming, proving that life does go on. Walking around the yard makes me smile as I see things that Daddy planted continue to live and bloom beautifully.
Volunteer sunflower
This sunflower popped up. It's right next to the porch where the birdfeeders are. I use sunflower seeds in the winter, so I guess 1 seed took.
This sign is in the county where I live. (You may have to double click to make it bigger so you can read it. I had no idea this happened so near to me. I drove by it on Monday as I was driving to a friend's house.
The blackberries are ripening in my back yard. We have an area that is kind of "brushy"; we have no intention of cleaning that part up; it provides a nice little privacy fence of sorts for us. It definitely hides the neighbors' houses from us.
There aren't a lot, but they are pretty!
Do you have blackberries in your yard? Do you pick them or leave them alone?


  1. She is a cute dog. What a dear little face !
    My Mother in law had blackberries and we'd pick them for pie and jam but end up eating more of them than we brought into the house!

  2. Enjoyed all your pictures. Your little dogbaby is precious!

  3. Nice collection - there may not be many berries but they are pretty!

  4. Blackberries!! Yummy!! Gotta go to our daughter's house and pick some for a cobbler. Love the sunflowers. What a cute little doggie! All of your fotos are great...thanks so much for sharing and linking up. (and I hope your back is better each day)

  5. We don't have blackberries, but most years we have tiny little wild strawberries. We don't eat them. I tried one once and it was like powdery dry.

    Such an interesting story about the Underground Railroad and the Quakers. Thanks for sharing that.


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