{State of the Kitchen} Part 3: Deliveries Galore

Several deliveries were made this week
Things are starting to look a little different! I've cleaned out almost all of the cabinets and the pantry, except for some things I can just throw in a bag at the last minute. I canceled my cleaning ladies for this month; there's no need to have them come when my whole house is a wreck.
The dining room is now a storage area
1 of the spare bedrooms is also being used for storage
My range was delivered on Monday; the hood was here on Tuesday.
Deliveries early in the week
The big delivery was made on Wednesday. Before the delivery, I had to clean out that area.
It looks pretty empty in this area
We weren't sure if everything was going to fit
Just to be on the safe side, I moved the kitchen table to this area
I was given a 4 hour window for the cabinet delivery, which was kind of a bummer, but par for the course. I lucked out with the range & cabinet deliveries: both were delivered in the earlier part of the window. All of the delivery men were extremely polite and efficient. Better than that, everything appears to be delivered in good condition. I say "appears" because the cabinets are still in the boxes; the contractor will have to look over them. With the cabinets, 1 of the guys told me what was in the box as I marked off the list he gave me, and then checked it against my invoice. I have a few things that weren't delivered; nothing big or major. I'm not sure if those things are already in the boxes or will be coming. 
We've hit a snag: When we first spoke with the designer at Home Depot, we were told that the demo would happen a couple of days before the cabinets are delivered. The cabinets were completed earlier than expected; as soon as I had the date I let the designer know. But then she was out sick, so it was almost a whole week before she was back at work. She is only at the store 3x/week and isn't on a fixed schedule. I went by on Sunday to make another payment and to pay for the tile & under-cabinet lights. As soon as I did that, she emailed the contractor. I didn't hear from him on Monday, so I called him on Tuesday. He said he was finishing up a couple of projects and would be ready to demo next week; I just don't know what day. Everything is in place, just waiting for the contractor to get started.
The actual delivery went pretty smoothly. 
At first, they started bringing the boxes in the front, but decided it would be more efficient to go through the back. They did an excellent job of not tearing up the yard.
The boxes fit almost perfectly
And now I wait some more.


  1. I cant wait to see it all come together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. The contractor. Oh, the contractor. That's all I have to say on that part. I hope everyone shows up on time from here on out. Meanwhile, enjoy the fact that everything is there and nothing was destroyed bringing it all inside. :) Good luck. This is the kind of think that makes me almost lose my religion. Ha!

  3. Why, how exciting, things are moving along!!!

  4. This is the part where patience is a true virtue!

  5. It's such a huge undertaking, but you'll be so happy when it's all said and done. Woot woot!!

  6. Good answers and exciting times at your house, it looks like! Been there, done that too!

  7. Wow, your kitchen and dining area is laid out exactly like the kitchen/dining area is the house we left to move here to Texas, except that we had a window where your sliding glass door is.

    Re-doing a kitchen is a lot of hassle and mess, but what a great one you'll have on the other side of all those boxes. :)

    Have a blessed week!


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