{Friday Foto Friends} Amazing Nature

I'm linking up with Deb at Breathing in Grace for another Friday Foto Friends. 
I'm proud of not killing this plant over the last 4 years I've had it!
My hibiscus bloomed for the first time since I put it outside. It blooms in the winter when I have it inside, but didn't bloom last summer at all. Not once, but about a week after I brought it in when the weather started getting cooler, it bloomed. Go figure.
Flowers from 1 of my Daddy's gardens.
I've been taking Laika & "Gurl Dogg" down to my parents' in the evenings to give them a chance to get out some of their energy. I walk around the yard, looking at what's blooming, and reminiscing.
Never in my life!
I have never seen a squirrel with a white tail! The picture is a little blurry...I didn't have time to grab my big girl camera and I zoomed in to get this guy. I've seen white squirrels in Brevard, NC, but nothing like this!
Rainbow on the 4th
My brother and SIL almost always host a family gathering at their house on the 4th. We had some clouds, rain, and sun, which was perfect for a rainbow. This picture doesn't do it justice: the colors were so vivid. It was just beautiful.
Beginning of rainbow
This was the first rainbow that I've seen the beginning of it. If you look closely under the arrow, you can just make out all of the colors.
Jose has a new home
My daddy made this; it used to sit on their back porch. My brother had the perfect spot for it next to his pool. Some of the blades were missing (and my brother thought he lost them) so he used an old license plate and made blades for him. This was the first 4th without my daddy; we had a good time, but I definitely felt like something was missing.
She has found a safe place!
Did you really think I was going to get through a FFF post without a puppy picture? 😀 Gurl Dogg found her "safe place": under our bed. She stayed under there when fireworks were going off (even though it's illegal in the Small Town).
Last puppy picture...for now! Who could resist that face? I just love when she comes up to me and rests her little head on the couch. Such a sweetie!


  1. Your flowers are beautiful. I can't imagine keeping a plan alive that long. Way to go! GurlDogg is adorable!!!

  2. I am in love with Gurl Dog. I had a dog like that named Jamie McFeeters back in the 1980s and oh how I adored that pup! Seeing this photo of your pup made me misty eyed. Give her a hug for me please.
    The photos are wonderful. I've never seen the end of a rainbow like that! The little windmill is so cute!
    I hope your weekend is lovely.

  3. Lovely hibiscus. I have several in my yard here in Florida. They'll bloom anytime it's warm and they have rain.

  4. Beautiful flowers...and cute puppy. But that squirrel tail is just the craziest thing. You need to research that. Thanks so much for linking up with me today. Happy Friday.

  5. Great photos, especially of the puppies! I have never seen the beginning of a rainbow either! What I would really like to see is where it ends...and that pot of gold!! :)


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