{State of the Kitchen} Part 10: Highs and Lows

What a week!
This past week was full of highs & lows. It seems like every time we start going, something happens to make it screech to a halt. I expected the replacements to be delivered to the house Friday. The contractor was going to go by the courier on Thursday and pick them up as soon as they were delivered. Except...the Thomasville Rep called me around 4:30 to let me know that 3 items did not pass Quality Control, so nothing was shipped. Wasn't that nice of them to not let me know? 
The sheetrock guys came and halfway repaired the strip in the ceiling where the cabinets used to be. I sent the designer the picture and asked if they were planning on finishing. She said that they may not be finished; she will get with the contractor about finishing.
The ceiling is kind of repaired
They got some patching material on the chimney of the hood.
Saturday was a very bad day for us. CH was at a function and I did a load of laundry. I heard some weird sounds coming from the temporary sink.  When I went to investigate, the sink was almost overflowing and there was sludge coming up from the pipe.

How gross is this?
I bailed the water until the washing machine stopped draining (I couldn't stop the washer because it's in the basement), then went down to see if anything else had happened. It had.  There was water pouring out of the vent pipe, onto the shelf where CH has all of our camping equipment. I called him, and the contractor. Then I called our plumber, who said it sounded like there was something stopping up the pipe. He referred me to someone to clean out the pipes. 
So here we are, on the hottest day of the year, carrying out all of our camping equipment and setting it up so it will dry. The contractor denied that they had anything to do with it, although this is the first time we've ever had this problem. Also, there was a new clamp around the vent pipe, and we haven't had any plumbing done in that area. Very suspicious. 
Camping equipment had to be set up to dry after the monsoon in our basement.
The replacements ended up coming in on Monday and were delivered by the contractor on Tuesday. Since I went back to work on Tuesday, they came after I got home so there would be "an adult who can make decisions" on site (per Home Depot's policy). After feeling the doors, there were still 5 that are rough, and 2 of the drawers are giving on the sides. At this point, we just want them done, so I told the Rep that those 5 will just be rough, and once the drawers fall in I'll have them replaced through our warranty. However, CG2 used a very soft sandpaper and was able to smooth the doors. I have no idea why this wasn't done before, but maybe they were too rough the first time. Anyway, he did a fantastic job with them, and they are all smooth!!!
The measurements for the countertops were done on Monday; I looked at the slab on Wed.
The granite against the range & cabinet.
I'll have the appointment for them to be installed in about a week and a half.
My slab!
I also sent this picture to the designer. The contractor put up a board behind the range to house the wire. I noticed the wire from the outlet is not behind the board. This will be a concern when they start trimming the bottom.
Wire from the outlet in the peninsula is not behind the board.
Tuesday night, this is what the kitchen looked like:
Replacement doors came in and 1 wall cabinet is up.
Replacement cabinet is in the pantry.
Oh, but Wednesday night! It was a huge difference!
I have handles!!!
Just to remind you what the old pantry looked like:
I was so glad to see those doors go!
To how it looks today:
I love how it looks!
I love the "Pet Center"...Gurl Dogg does, too!
Now we're waiting for the utility cabinet to come in; it's supposed to be finished tomorrow so hopefully it will be delivered next week. We're also waiting for the other wall cabinet. Once those are in, the trim, valance, undercabinet lights & pendant lights can be put in. The blind corner cabinet still needs to be put together...I can't wait to see how that works when it's finished.
Then it will be the countertop & sink (with the garbage disposal hooked back up), followed by the backsplash and we'll be DONE. There is a light at the end of the tunnel!


  1. I do love the way the pantry looks. Honest to God my stomach was in a knot reading this. One step forward two steps back. How can they let products leave the shop when they are rough??? So sorry about the pipe issues too. This has been such a nightmare for you. Sending prayers your way.

    1. One forward, 2 back...this dance is getting old! :)

  2. Light at the end of the tunnel!! Love it! Your pantry is amazing and the kitchen looks great! What a journey though - and not quite done yet. Do keep us posted!!

    1. Oh, I for sure will!! I can't wait for this to be over.

  3. I love the way it looks,too! Finally, something done! Goodness this has tested your patience and mine just from reading about it. LOL I'm so glad things seem to be coming along now. I agree the clamp around the pipe is suspicious and if the contractor didn't do it I guess I'd start looking for a ghost. :)

  4. Looks like everything is finally coming together.
    Sorry you experienced so many problems.
    Sometimes I am glad we rent.


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