A Very Vanilla Hodgepodge


1. What does the word values mean to you personally? Where did your values come from? What are some of the values that have guided you throughout your life? 
Morals. Doing the right thing even when no one is watching. My values came from my parents.

2. Your favorite vanilla flavored something? 
Homemade vanilla ice cream

3. What's something you've seen/done recently that you found to be very difficult, very confusing, very helpful, very interesting, or very special. Elaborate. 
Interesting & special: Ireland
Difficult: Being back in the US after visiting Ireland
Confusing: Helping CH navigate the routes in Ireland
Helpful: Google Maps (of course, while in Ireland!)

4. Something you own and love that is violet in color? 
I have a shirt or 2 that is violet. The wildflowers are blooming in the park so I'm enjoying them before they get mowed down.
Wild Blue Violets

Lyreleaf Sage in a field

5. Do you have vacation plans on the calendar this summer? Tell us more. 
I am planning on taking a visit to see one of my sisters for a few days. I also hope that CH & I will be able to get away for a few days. There was a campground in GA that I want to go back to & spend a little more time. Added plus: there's a winery close to the campground that I enjoyed. 
I was going to put in a link to our camping vacation last summer but realized I never wrote a post about it! I've written a post on the camping blog but haven't posted it there, either! Anyway, the winery is Frogtown Winery near Dahlonega, GA. Beautiful winery...the wine wasn't bad, either!

6. Insert your own random thought here.  
I guess you can tell by my answer to #3 that Ireland is still very much on my mind. I'm not even halfway through the recap. If you're interested in the camping side of the trip, I'm doing a recap on our camping blog, too. 

One more random thought: Looking ahead to retirement in June, 2023, I've decided to go ahead and consolidate my IG accounts. If you follow @oldschoolspeech (where I've also put my "personal" posts on IG), please consider following @mskicoop instead. The @oldschoolspeech account will be deleted on May 31, 2022.


  1. OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH the friends we are staying with travel to a campground in GA with a winery/vineyard nearby. I shall ask them, grin. (I can't remember what they told us, LOLOL) Have a great day friend.

  2. There are several nice wineries in the Dahlonaga area. We stayed in an air b/b on the property of Cavender Creek. That is a pretty winery if you're back that way. There's also one called Kaia that is nice. We haven't camped in ages but would love to take the grand boys one of these days.

  3. My husband would agree with you on the homemade vanilla ice cream. We make it the "cooked custard" way and he loves it!

  4. I visited Dahlonaga back in December...didn't know about the winery or that would have definitely been a stop!

  5. I visited Dahlonaga back in December. I didn't know about the winery there or that would have definitely been a stop.

  6. I like that...'doing the right thing when no one is watching' How wonderful that you were in Ireland. Hope the last few days of April go well for you.

  7. How exciting to be planning your retirement. This year will pass quickly. Take care.

  8. A winery close to a campground sounds great! (I'd prefer a brewery but still...)


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