TSMSS: When Love Takes You In

Wow.  I can't believe I haven't participated in this since July!  This is a video that a friend shared on FB.  Her son and daughter-in-law just adopted a little boy from Uganda; it was a long, drawn out process, but they finally got to bring their son home.  I have another friend whose daughter & SIL (she babysat our boys when we were in SC) have made the decision to adopt a little girl from the USA; they already have 2 boys, and after a lot of soul searching, decided not to adopt internationally, but to stay close to home.  Since adoption isn't cheap, she is photographing families to raise money to bring their little girl home.  So, if you're in the Charlotte area and need a family photo, look her up!  (Sorry for that shameless plug!)
And, of course, I have a friend, Patty, who adopted a little boy from Korea.  I haven't met him in person, but that boy already has my heart!


  1. I'm currently working on an auction to help a friend of mine raise money to adopt a baby from Haiti. My husband keeps asking, "Why can't she get one from here?" He's worried about the costs for our friend who will be a single mom.

    I work in education, and I don't know that I've judging here when I tell him, "Americans don't often give up babies they can't take of or do not love." It's a heartbreaking thought.

    International adoption is important to the world, and some of the red tape is necessary, but the costs ARE ridiculous as these children wait for families...

  2. I have pure admiration for your friends. I've been to Uganda. What your friend is giving to an unwanted child is beyond words. I send hugs to you and your friends. Bless you!

  3. Adoption is such a beautiful thing, regardless of where the child begins life. It's sad that that it is such an expensive process. I hope things go smoothly and move forward nicely for your friend.


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