The Best Laid Plans

If you read Auburnchick's blog, you may be having a sense of deju vu.   I was flabbergasted when I read her post on Oct. 30.  That post had the exact same title as mine is today, only I drafted this post and titled it on the 29th.  Weird.

Small Town High's band competition was Saturday.  Everyone was asked to bring something for the bake sale and something for the director's area (where they can "get away from it all" and get something to eat).  Friday was cold and rainy.  I decided not to go to the football game since it was away and, well, since it was cold and rainy!  (I'm loving that I have a choice since YS doesn't play football!)
Here's how I pictured my Friday night:
I planned to go home after helping set up for the contest, clean the kitchen, and then start baking.  Just me & the tv.  Watching the football game.  Nice & quiet.
Now, here's what actually happened:
When I was at the high school setting up, MS called and said he was bringing some friends over for tomato soup & grilled cheese sandwiches.  What time was I going to be home? 
There went my nice quiet night out the window.  I ran by the store and grabbed some cans of tomato soup, cheese slices, bread, and butter.  Then I went home and emptied the dishwasher, and started the cornbread for Mexican Trifle  Bowl.  I had started on Pumpkin Crisp when MS & 3 friends came in.
I put everything on hold, and got them fed.  They hung around for a while (until MS took a shower), then headed back up to the university.
That's when I finally got my peace & quiet.  I cut the brownies for the bake sale and put them in sandwich bags, then realized I didn't think I had quite enough, so I made another batch and put it in the oven.  Then, I looked at the Pumpkin Crisp and couldn't remember if I had sprayed the pan.  Good thing I planned on making one for us:  I made another one and popped it into the oven when the brownies were done.  I had a few minutes before CH would be home from the game, so I popped a movie in.  Yes, it was "The Holiday".  YS came in and said, "The Holiday again?"  It won't be too much longer and "The Family Stone" will be watched over and over.
It wasn't quite the night I expected, but it was nice to stay in and bake while the rain was coming down and the air was cold.


  1. I just watched The Family Stone Sunday night! I won't tell you how many times I've watched it already this year. That and Love Actually and A Christmas Carol and Christmas Vacation and The Bishops Wife and ....well, you get the picture. LOL

    When will we ever learned to NOT make the plans?!

  2. LOL, my friend! GMTA, don't you know?

    I had a busy Friday as well. When will it be June?????

  3. I got all excited thinking about those two movies, my favorites. Wow you were really busy baking and feeding the boys!

  4. Sometimes the best days are when nothing goes according to plan!

  5. Mary
    I am queing up my holiday movies at our library. I love Family Stone. Have you seen "while you were sleeping?" I think that is what it is called.. with Sandra Bullock.. takes place during Christmas! I also love the movies on Hallmark that start playing daily! laura


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