Wednesday Hodgepodge #55

1. Do you send Christmas cards? If so about how many will you send this year? How do you display the cards you receive? Or don't you? (gasp!)
I don't send out Christmas cards.  Call me crazy, but any kind of greeting cards seem like a big waste of money.  When someone asks me for my address around this time of year, I make sure they know that I don't send them out.  I usually display the cards we get around the door frame of the living room, but it won't be happening this year.  See tomorrow's post to find out why!  (Don't you just hate teasers?)
2. When do kids become adults?
Oh, geez!  I hope somebody has the answer to this question, because I have a 23 year old who isn't there yet!  And, there are times that I still feel like a kid and not an adult.
3. Does your 'beauty regimen' change with the seasons?
4. What's something you like to eat that might cause another person to turn up their nose?
Peanut butter and celery is the only thing that comes to mind right away.  I'm sure I'll think of a different answer in a couple of days!
5. Gloves or mittens?
Mittens, although I don't own any, I much prefer them if I'm going to be in the cold for a long time.
6. What's the longest queue you've ever been in? Was it worth it? Queue=line but doesn't queue sound nicer?
It would have had to have been at Disneyworld, and, yes, it was worth it.
7. Besides Christmas, what is one thing you are looking forward to in the month of December?
Advent.  (See yesterday's post)  Oh, and Christmas break.
8. Insert your own random thought here.
There has been so much talk about the Catholic Church changing some of the words to the Mass lately.  We finally switched completely over last Sunday, and I honestly don't see what all the fuss is about.  Little things have changed here and there, but nothing real drastic.  I've heard/read several priests commenting that it will make all of us actually think about we're saying.  Now there's a novel idea!  I am a bit peeved that we had to change some of the music, especially to the Lamb of God.  Our choir sang this beautiful arrangement:  acapella with beautiful brought me to tears.  Now they're having to sing some arrangement that goes along with the other music, and it stinks.  I want my "Lamb of God" back!


  1. I forgot about Disney World! Those lines can be so long. Hope your having a good day and just stopping by from Wed. Hodgepodge

  2. I agree ... long lines at Disney World are certainly worth the wait.

    I don't send cards either. With the cost of postage, it just seems like a waste of money. I make sure that the people I care about know that I'm wishing them a blessed Christmas.

    I can't wait to see what's going on in the living room!

  3. I've never been to a Catholic Church but have always been interested in attending a Midnight Mass. I've heard they are beautiful.

  4. I love peanut butter on celery and the line at Disney World was worth it for me, also.
    I too would like to attend Midnight Mass.

  5. No Christmas cards? I love Christmas cards : ) I will tune in tomorrow to see why but I do follow you on Twitter and am wondering if you hinted there recently?

  6. I still send out Christmas cards but that's mostly because most of them go to my ENORMOUS extended family who gets really mad with me when I don't. I include a 'newsy' letter and photo and they like getting them!

    I have three brothers. One of them just grew up this year. He's 50.

  7. Enjoyed your answers. I am not a big celery eater, but I do like it with peanut butter. Love your background!
    until next time... nel

  8. Enjoyed your answers. I am not a big celery eater, but I do like it with peanut butter. Love your background!
    until next time... nel

  9. Thanks for visiting my blog today! :) What fun questions! Ha ha about your 23 year old.:) I bet it's a boy...they surely never grow up. :) Love celery and PB, you really can't go wrong with it. Love the pic in our header.

  10. I love peanut butter and celery! It is my favorite snack...anytime of the year.

  11. We've had good luck with the lines each time we've been to Disney World, buttttt, when I lived in Oklahoma the line at the DMV was known state-wide to be as nightmare, and it was. Now that everything is computerized it's probably changed for the better...I'm not very patient when it comes to lines, but I do it when I must, but "woe unto whomever would dare to crowd in line". LOL!!

  12. I love peanut butter and celery, but my husband thinks celery is disgusting. For his sake, I don't put it in my recipes that I make, but I still eat it with pb once in a while ;)

  13. I love sending cards out! I said Disneyland also. So what is their reason for changing things? I will have to ask my dad about that. He was raised Catholic but my mom was Presbyterian and we were raised in that church. He has since gone back to the Catholic church since my mom passed away.


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