Catching Up Part I

I have been a terrible blogger lately.  Not only haven't I been a faithful poster, but I haven't kept up with my usual blogs.  I'm really going to make an effort to get back on track.

On Friday, CH & I went out to eat for our anniversary, just like we always do.  We usually go to a local restaurant and use a "dinner for 2" coupon that Ms. Principal gives us every Christmas.  That was our plan last Friday.  I went into our room and looked where I usually keep the coupon, and it wasn't there!  Talk about panic!  I thought we were going to have to actually pay for our Anniversary Dinner!  After looking a couple of different places, CH checked, too, but it wasn't there.  I looked one last place...with the coupons, and found it!  Halleluiah!  With the coupon, we got 2 appetizers, 2 main courses, and 2 desserts.  When I go to this restaurant for lunch, I usually just order an appetizer and do well to finish it.  One of the waiters came by, saw the coupon, and mentioned that we had hit the jackpot.  He said that anytime someone comes in with the coupon, he sees them leaving with in plural.  It's quite a deal, and the waiter/waitress ends up with a hefty tip.

Wednesday was our last day of school.  It was a half-day for the students, and most of the schools follow up with a lunch.  At one of my schools, Mr. Principal has sandwiches brought in.  After we ate, he recognized one of the teachers who had retired last year and one who was retiring this year.  He then recognized a couple of people who were interim teachers for maternity leaves.  Then, he said he thought that was it, but the bookkeeper opened her big mouth and said my name.  He looked at her and said, "What about her?"  She mentioned that I was leaving, and he said, "Well, what do you want me to say?" Then he proceeded to tell the staff that I had been reassigned, and it wasn't my choice.  I told everyone that I couldn't talk just then, but that I would send an e-mail.   I've worked at a lot of schools, and I've never been emotional when I left...until now.  I don't know if it was the hormones talking, or what.  When I finished with a preschool student last Friday, I teared up.  This student has come such a long way in the 2 years that I had him.  From the second I walked into that school, I felt at home.  It's such a neat thing when you click with a faculty, and even neater when you build relationships with the kids and their parents. I kept putting off packing up.  One of the SLPs was at the school the week before for a meeting, and she was giving me a hard time about not having anything packed up.  Tuesday she called me at my other school and asked me why I wasn't at the other school packing up.  Talk about adding to the stress of the end of the year!  I spent Wednesday packing up, then on Thursday OS packed up the car with the boxes and we distributed them to both of my next year's schools.

This post is longer than I expected, so I'll continue tomorrow!  I hope to get caught up with everybody very soon!


  1. hard for you to leave given it wasn't your choice! I'm so glad you had that wonderful experience!

    BTW, I think I would have told that other SLP to shut her trap...if she wants you to pack up, she can do it or else wait. Sheesh!

  2. Hugs! Change can be very hard, especially when we're content where we are. Just think of the NEW possibilities and adventures coming your way!!!

    Sounds like you had a very nice anniversary dinner!

  3. In the SLP's defense: she is my "speech bestie", so we were laughing when she was giving me a hard time. I told her to come help, but she found excuses not to. If it had been anybody else, I wouldn't have taken it so lightly!

  4. Happy Anniversary! I understand feeling emotional. On the bright side-summer is here and no more bus duty : )

  5. Did I miss your anniversary? I've been running behind on my blog reading. Happy anniversary!!

    What a blessing it is to have developed close relationships at work. Praying that you will be blessed at your new school.

  6. Happy Anniversary! What a great deal, so glad you found your coupon.

  7. Happy Anniversary, again! I'm so glad that you found your gift card and the coupons. That kind of thing gives me a near stroke! I'm sorry about you have to leave that school. It must be very difficult...not hormones at all. I was thinking, I bet priests feel the same way many times. Hope you have an enjoyable summer break, Mary!


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