Wednesday Hodgepodge

1. What can the average citizen do to honor a military veteran and/or those currently serving?
Not take our freedom for granted.
2. Besides a flag what is something you own that is red, white and blue?
I have a pair of earrings that are red, white, and blue.  I wear them on the 4th of July...when I remember!
3. Does love really conquer all?
I know that when I'm really feeling the love, there's not much that will get me down.
4. Strawberry shortcake or blueberry pie?
Strawberry shortcake.  Not a big fan of blueberries.
5. Do you share personal stuff with your hairdresser?
My hairdresser is also a friend; we were band moms together and worked the hamburger stand at football games together.  So, yes, I share some personal stuff with her.
6. Does money lead to selfishness?
I don't know, but I'd like to give it a try!  
7. What piece of furniture in your home most needs replacing or refinishing?
Our dining room table and chairs.  I don't even know how to begin refinishing it.  We got it for a really good price when we moved in the house.
8. Insert your own random here.
I had a semi-productive day yesterday:  I cleaned a few windows, then took a nap.  You've gotta love summer!  I'm almost to the point of being tired of resting up and catching up on tv shows that are about to start back up.  Time to start walking/going to Curves. 


  1. So far everyone is opting for strawberries. My blueberry pie is super delicious though : )

    Window washing and napping-definitely productive!

  2. Need to begin being productive-just got out of school for our summer vacation on Friday.

  3. I'm with you ... not a big fan of blueberries. I need to clean our windows ... but so far quilting has won out. And I, too, need to start working out ... but again quilting has won out. Do I sense a theme here? ha!

  4. Taking a nap is a great activity to do often! I'm a huge fan of naps.

  5. Joyce has me wanting strawberry shortcake and blueberry cobbler! LOL I'm with you on number 6- when I come into some money, I'll find out! So glad you're enjoying your summer break!

  6. yep, me too - would love to see if lots of money would make me selfish (I'm hoping NOT!!) - but yea, it would be fun to just experiment!! LOL!!

    And I used to go to Curves - I loved it!! I wish I could go again - but right now I don't have child care for the 2 y/o.

  7. If I had a bunch of money, I don't know what I would do with it. I am happy getting by on next to nothing. Might be interesting to try, though. Have a happy day.

  8. #6 - My best friend grew up in dire circumstances, however she and her husband invested wisely during the oil boom and they have BUNDLES now and live in a home fit for a magazine spread, they continue to be the most genuine, loving, free-hearted people around...We'll be staying with them this weekend when we go to Tulsa for our son's wedding. When we stay there we have our own private "wing" of the house. Such fun! . . .Nope, money doesn't make one selfish.

  9. Great answers Mary. I'm glad your enjoying your summer.

  10. I want to change our table and chairs, too! If we don't get a new set, I think we are going to paint the top with chalkboard paint for fun, family dinners. I saw it somewhere online. :)

  11. Had to chuckle at #6. LOL!

    I don't know if I'll get tired of resting up, by the way. When do I get to retire?



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