Productive Day

I had quite a productive day yesterday.  Maybe I should say I had a productive morning instead.  I had 2 of the dogs in the park for a walk around 6:15.  Laika did pretty well for her first "big" walk in the park.  There were a couple of times that she just sat down, but with a little coaxing she was right back with me.
I followed that up with eating breakfast on the porch while reading blog posts.  I love that time of day:  It's not hot yet, and the birds are waking up and getting busy.
Here is what else I did:
I sprayed the weeds (yes, I'm a bit embarrassed that it's as tall as my butterfly bush!):
 Cleaned the hummingbird feeders and filled them up:
 And put some new flowers in the front porch planter:
 Did you notice the spider webs in the above picture?  No?  That's because I knocked all of them down!
The finale of the day was dinner.  Chinese 5-spice Steak, rice, and Asian Veggies:

 CH & I had one of these Monday and Tuesday nights:
If you've never had an Italian Margarita, you're missing out!   I didn't look at the recipe very closely and ended up putting in twice as much limeade as I was suppose to.  So, I ended up making a double batch, then putting the rest of it in the freezer.  Let me just throw this out:  Somebody needs to figure out how to make a freezer bag with a spout.  Wouldn't that be the most perfect thing for leftover drinks?
Don't expect today to be quite so productive.  I just have a couple of things on my "to do" list today:  I'm going to Curves for the first time since my sciatica, so keep your fingers crossed that I don't end up at the chiropractor this afternoon!  MS' car's "check engine" light is on, so I need to take it to get the code read and reset.  Because regardless of what he says, it's NOT okay to ride around with that light on.  Oh, and it needs gas, too.  (Of course!)  And, that's pretty much it.  I'm sure an afternoon nap will be in there!


  1. Our first hummingbird finally pooped in yesterday! They are so late this year that I thought I did something wrong!

  2. Birdie's check engine light is on too. Hubs said he would check it out. The light is still on. Go figure. LOL

  3. Sounds pretty perfect. :) Enjoy your day.

  4. I got our hummingbird feeder up last week, but so far haven't seen not even one of them!

  5. Now that was a very productive day. I need some of those! Your drink sounds yummy. Enjoy Curves today.

  6. And I did not see the recipe for the Italian Margarita. Is it going to be forthcoming....or emailed to me????? You were productive girlfriend. I am just trying to get strength back...and this week being lazy at the beach has been good for me.

  7. I didn't have a productive day ... but I had a day with my grands, so I really don't care whether it was productive or not! ha! However, I do need to make tomorrow a productive day. ;-)

  8. That drink sounds yummy!
    I had to laugh at the weeds!

  9. Productivity is a great thing! Glad the doggies are doing well.
    A weed that tall? You need a weed-wacker. LOL

  10. Looks like you got lots done. I need some of that motivation to rub off on me.

  11. Really? Did you really have to share that drink recipe? Just when I was doing good. Anything with Amaretto, and I'm sorely tempted!!


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