It's a Zoo

There is a teacher at one of my schools that has the cutest classroom I think I've ever seen.  She is absolutely animal print crazy!  She gave me permission to to take some pictures.  (Don't forget that you can click on a picture and view all of them in a larger size.)
This doesn't have anything to do with animal prints, but she showed me the project that they did:
The students wrote down (or told her; not sure which) things that they love, and she typed them into a program she found online that put it in the shape of a heart.
Her door:
She had a really cute Santa wreath that had zebra print around it for Christmas.
The students' chairs:  (notice the zebra print material in the middle of the tables)
One of her bookshelves has monkeys & bananas hanging from it.  (Notice the box on the bottom shelf)
Boxes in her cubbies next to her desk
Boxes for books
Life skills
Word Wall Words
Bulletin board
Seats in front of the Smart Board
Check out her rain boots:
Here's a closer look:
Cute, huh?  Every time I go into her room to get some students, her decor makes me smile.  Hopefully she doesn't think I'm real crazy for taking pictures, then thanking her for some good blogging material!


  1. No doubt about it, that is one stylish lady! She has definitely put a lot of thought and effort into making her room 'just right'. So cute!

  2. She does love her animal prints, doesn't she? Cute.

  3. What a cute classroom! It sure would have been fun if some of my teachers had rooms like that back 100 years ago. ha!

  4. This has got to be the most sophisticated classroom ever! It all looks so clean too!

  5. I always envy people who can pull off animal print. I feel like I look ridiculous in it.

  6. Such a cute classroom. I bet her students love it.

  7. That might be the cutest classroom ever. MEOW! Those boots are to die for. Well, not really, but you know what I mean.
    I really love the heart/I love project....I might do that one myself.


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