Productive Weekend Wrapup

This was actually a pretty productive weekend!

~  Friday, we learned that YS made a 90 on his last Physics test!  He has really struggled with that class this past trimester, so we were extremely proud of him for that grade.  We went out for pizza at a new local pizza place that is just down the road from our house.  It's our new "go-to" place for pizza!

~  I got caught up on Suits and Deception, along with Nashville.  Last week's "Deception" was pretty neat:  my former high school band director's daughter was in the Debutante Ball Scene.You can see a great shot of her at the 17 second mark.

She's the red-head just behind the actress playing the lead in the scene.

~  Saturday, I did some laundry & got busy on a Valentine's Project for the boys:

I did one batch on Sat. for OS & MS, then another batch on Sunday for CH & YS.  These are the "Mosaic Glazed Sugar Cookies" that I made over Christmas.  So easy, and I was very happy at how well they turned out.  They aren't too sweet; in fact, they kind of taste like shortbread.  If anybody has a tip for rolling out the dough evenly, let me know.  I'm making these cookies for the goodie bags for my in-laws' anniversary party, so I want them to turn out perfectly.  Maybe I just need to practice between now and then, which would make OS & YS pretty happy!

~  I printed out some new games for school from the TPT website.  I LOVE that site; I just wish it didn't take so much colored ink to print out. There are lots of creative speech pathologists out there that have made some awesome materials!

~  Sunday was more laundry & the 2nd batch of cookies.  I got some of the materials laminated; the rest will have to wait until today when I can use the school's laminator.

~  YS had his "D&D" group over Saturday night, so I made French Toast for them on Sunday morning.  One of his friends said that I was now his hero!  He said that he thought about moving in with us last week, after the pancakes/crepes that they had.  Good to know I can at least cook a good breakfast!

~  As I was working on my school stuff, I came across this song on Songza.  As you listen, close your eyes and see who you think this sounds like.  I had CH do that, and he got the same answer I did.

If you guessed Karen Carpenter, you'd have the same answer we did.  To me, it's almost eerie how much she sounds like her, and I absolutely LOVED Karen's voice.

Have a great week!


  1. She does sound like Karen Carpenter. We loved her voice too...such a natural talent.

    Your cookies look so pretty. I'm baking some today, a recipe I found in Southern Living...hopefully they'll be good. I might check out your recipe first and see if it's similar.

    Have a nice week-icy rain here this morning. Ugh. I'd rather have snow.

  2. I guessed Karen Carpenter, too.

    Those cookies sound yummy ... I like sugar cookies that aren't too sweet. I haven't made rolled cookies in years, so unfortunately I don't have any rolling advice.

  3. I've read where you put rubber bands on the ends of your rolling pin and that will ensure the same thickness when you roll out dough. I've never tried it because I just don't make any kind of dough to roll.

  4. I love sugar cookies...and those look yummmmmo. You had a great weekend. I have not ever tried the rubberband thing either. I have not made cut out cookies in years....I will have to try that again...and use the mosaic recipe.

  5. Karen Carpenter was eerie how much she sounded like her. Love it and thanks for sharing that song.

  6. I'm glad I stopped and listened. Such a beautiful voice. She really does sound a lot like Karen Carpenter.

    That cookie looks good! Congrats to YS on his Physics grade!

  7. Oh my gosh!!! That sounded JUST like Karen Carpenter! What a busy weekend you had, girlfriend. I tired reading it :) Hope all is well in your neck of the woods!


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