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Half-Past Kissin' Time

~  1 more week until Fall Break!  Can't. Wait!

~  Things are still crazy busy at work.  I thought they were going to slow down after Break, but things keep popping kids needing IEPs.

~  I'm just really glad I have a decent intern this semester.  She's very enthusiastic, and is a real go-getter. 

~  Community band and Flute Choir both started up a couple of weeks ago.  Last year I practiced every day; this year...not so much.  I just haven't had the time.  (Maybe starting another blog has something to do with it.)

~  I've decided I'm waaay over-worked this year.  I have the largest caseload in the school system, and am the only Speech Path. who has a special ed preschool and am responsible for another school.  I'm not doing something right.  Either that, or somebody is trying to get rid of me.  (Not going to happen!)

~  100 days 'til Downton Abbey!!!

~  Finds for the week:
At Aldi:  "Spargel" was very popular in Germany when we were there.  I tasted this while I was there, but couldn't bring myself to actually buy any when I saw it the other day.
Also in Aldi:  Something else that I had in Germany.  Spaetzle is like an egg noodle.  I haven't tried this yet...maybe over the weekend.

 I saw these in Kroger.  If you like pumpkin, you'll love these!
 ~  I'm looking forward to a nice quiet weekend; what are your plans?


  1. I need to make those cookies for the youth kiddos... a good excuse for me to have some :)

    YES!! Downton Abby!!!!! Bring it on!!

  2. Fall break already, that seems early to me. I can't wait for Downton Abbey. A woman I bowl with already has it on something called Droid TV!
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. The year I worked in your county I was FULL TIME in the Preschool Handicapped program, which at the time was housed at Everett. Twenty kids, three teachers, three aides (not all full time), a part time PT, a part time OT, and a full time SLP (me). I sat in circle time with them and was with them at lunch. I saw every student individaully several times a week.

    ps-it was my all time favorite job : )

  4. Yes - just by having the special ed preschool you are overworkd, the other school is just mean! Prayers for a smooth final weeks before and a great fall break!!!

    Too bad The Man hates pumpkin (I know, right?!?!). I'd make those for him and ask him to enjoy them for me :). Now I need to go find a gluten-free pumpkin cookie recipe :).

  5. I'm also so excited for Downton Abbey! Enjoy your weekend and your food finds.

  6. Love your pretty header photo :)

    I don't understand why speech teachers have such incredible caseloads! Is an intern a student teacher? Here's hoping this week goes by quickly and you can get that much-needed break!

    Thanks for linking up. Off to find your other blog!


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