Weekend Wrap-up

~  Well, the big game was on Friday.  This is what I did instead of going to the game:
I didn't even watch it on tv....probably a good thing because Small Town got hammered.  YS & his g'friend came home after half-time.

~ I ran into a guy I knew from high school at the grocery store Sat. morning.  He & his wife were in town for the game; he was recognized for being inducted in the county Hall of Fame.  I don't think I'd seen him since a couple of years after I graduated.  What a great guy.  His mom was the guidance counselor at the high school when I was there.

~  One of my sisters' high school friends (and we were both in the Communicative Disorders Dept. in college...and I used to see her at the SC Speech-Language-Hearing Association Conventions) posted this on FB:
So true, so true!  Right color, wrong logo, though!

~  CH & I saw "The Butler" on Sunday.  Excellent movie.  I cried off & on during the whole thing.  After the movie,  we had questions about what was true and what was made up for the movie.  A couple of things that weren't true were a little disappointing, but I guess they need to embellish it for impact.

~  I made an amazing Banana Bread Cake over the weekend.  Someone posted the recipe on FB and I had to try it.  CH & YS really liked it; I think it has too much icing.
~   Amazon had Sandra Brown books on sale for $1.99 in their Kindle store on Saturday.  I ended up with 6 (or 7) that I hadn't read.  I'm really glad I caught the sale because Sunday they went back up.  And then on Sunday, they had Jefferson Bass book for $1.99.  Just in case you don't know who Jefferson Bass is (or, are since it's actually 2 people), Dr. Bill Bass is the developer of "The Body Farm" at the University of Tennessee.  Patricia Cornwall wrote a book about it.

~  And the savings continued over the weekend:  On Friday I received a notification on my phone that I had a 40% off Michaels coupon.  I found this neat thing to keep my speech cards in:
I had already decided that when I get more big sales coupons, I was going to go get more.  Weeeelll, yesterday I had a 50% coupon on my phone!!!  I didn't actually get to use it when I went to get one because it was on sale anyway.  But, I did have a 15% off coupon that I did get to use, so it was almost 50% off.  SCORE!!!

Here we go with another week.  Community Band and Flute Choir start back up this week.  Good thing I got ahead on my paperwork!


  1. I am really looking forward to seeing The Butler. Glad you enjoyed it.

  2. Sounds like you had a bargain of a weekend!

  3. Oh, how I love me some good banana nut bread, so I'm sure your cake recipe was DE-LISH! I've been wondering if "The Butler" was a good movie to see. Glad you liked it! I'm sure I'd bawl my eyes out, too!

  4. I love deals on Kindle books!! I'm always keeping an eye out. I bought the whole Beautiful Darkness series one weekend when they were marked down to $2.99...

    I'm in trouble - I don't care for football, nor do I stay in the kitchen :)

  5. I read about the true and false parts too after seeing the movie. In order to bring in certain racial movements they had to incorporate them into the story. That's Hollywood for you! I still think it's an excellent movie.
    I try to use the 40% off coupon every week at Michael's.


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