Blog Version of the Halloween Meme

I saw this on From Tracie, and it looked like fun, so.....I'm in!

These are Melissa's directions:
Take the categories below. Open your blog. Look at the first comment on each of your last 10 posts. Fill in one name per category (keeping the order of most recent post to 10 posts ago) and link their name to their blog. Then hit publish. If you have a post without a comment, skip to the next one. And then chide your readers for screwing up your meme: obviously, they need to step it up and leave more comments.

I had to modify this a little bit, because apparently I only have about 5 people who actually read and comment on my blog!  If the comment was made by the same person more than once, I went on to the 2nd person.  Well, except for Rebecca because (just from what I know of her), she would do both of those things!  

In honour of every horror movie made in the 80's:
1. Decides the creepy house is safe.Kathie
(I think Kathie definitely has the "it's safe to go in" gene!)

2. Screams like a Banshee. Barbara
(I've just met Barbara, so I'm not sure how close this is.)

3. Scares you as a joke.  Patty
(I think this comes from having all of those kids.  She's gotta let off some steam.)

4. Goes into the woods and gets killed. Rebecca
(And, in her Belle costume.)

5. First to go insane. Debby
(Let me say:  I'm not a big fan of this one!)

6. Murdered saving someone.  April
(April seems like such a sweet person.  No doubt about this one!)

7. Has your back no matter what jumps out. Rebecca (again)
(And then she goes screaming into the woods.)

8. Has a solid survivor plan no one listens. Hootin' Anni
(I'm not sure why no one would listen.  She seems to be pretty reasonable!)

9. Runs off screaming never to be seen again. Eric (My little brother!)
(This is really funny that his name popped up on this one.  One time, when we were in Tx. visiting family, Eric was taking a nap upstairs.  My other younger brother & I thought it would be funny to wake him up-okay, maybe it was just my idea!  So, we crept upstairs where Eric was sleeping with his hands crossed over his chest.  When I made a noise to wake him up, he raised up and made a sound like a ghost!  Scared the bajeezus out of me!)

10. Is the real killer. Joyce
(Joyce, Joyce, Joyce.  This is so hard to believe!)


  1. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I made two... & you're right... they actually fit! :) haha!! I totally was laughing through this!

    & to find out its Joyce? that's just disappointing :) haha!

  2. hi i am following you and joing in on the meme :)
    hope you will follow back

  3. hi my post is here

    but really can't see joyce is the culprit ;)

  4. That was fun! Oh I think that may be true about me, I've been pretty close at times :)

  5. How cute was that?!

    BTW, you have six readers. I just don't usually have a lot of time to comment. :P

    Had to laugh at her Belle costume!! LOL!

    April...yes...such a sweetheart!


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