Friday Frags

Half-Past Kissin' Time

~ NOOOO!  It can't be Friday already!  Why is it that breaks go by so quickly?  I still have an awful lot that I want to do.  

~  I spent most of Monday and Tuesday making materials for school for the rest of the month.  I printed, laminated, cut out (with the help of a paper trimmer), and organized.
(Yes, it's in the back of my car, ready for next week.  I figured if I had it in my car, I wouldn't be tempted to do any more work!)

~  Tuesday was my annual dr. appointment for blood pressure check.  I had to go by and have blood drawn on Wed. morning, so all of that's out of the way.

~  Thursday was a very productive day for me:  
I cleaned out a closet (I didn't take a "before" picture) that was in the room YS used to use:
 Made Pumpkin Cookies & muffins, and printed out another game for school.
 Climbed up into the planter and got most of the vines off of the house:
That is, until this happened:  (the top is my foot, the bottom is my arm)
I didn't take a picture of the third sting, since it was on my rear.
I also managed to get the gerbils' cages all cleaned out, so they're happy, happy.
(This is a pre-clean picture)
~  Tonight is Homecoming in the Small Town.  When YS was in school, I was in charge of prepping the condiment table.   So, I'm going to relive those days and help out.  I'm looking forward to seeing everybody again.

~  Hope your week was just as "Fab"!  


  1. Indeed ... why is it that our break/vacation weeks go by so quickly? Weekends, too!

    Ouch on the stings!

  2. I can't think of much worse than to be stung by a yellow jacket! Happened to me over the summer and my entire hand throbbed and swelled up. Nasty little boogers!;)

  3. Weeks always go by faster when you're off work... so wrong...

    I need to clean my closet. Rotate the summer/winter stuff

  4. Oh yes, breaks fly by.

    When I was teaching I used to try to NOT count down the weeks to break because I realized the counting was longer than the breaking.


  5. Ouchy Wah Wah - 3 stings while cleaning out the flower boxes. YIKES!! My you've had a busy week. Hope you've got some R & R planned for the weekend.

  6. Well you week sounds very productive. Sorry about the yellow jacket stings.
    Have fun tonight and enjoy your weekend.

  7. It feels good to be productive sometimes! This weekend I got eaten alive by bugs, bites not stings though. But I have been itching all week! I'm not sure what it was that got me because mosquitoes don't itch me this much and for so long. One of them even got VERY up close and in my business! =O lol
    Hope you have a good weekend! Visiting from FF.

  8. Sounds like you had a very productive week!

    And, if the inspiration hits and you want to do a good deed, I have many closets that need a good cleaning ;)

  9. That's nice you are going to help out for the game. Ouch with the stings; there was another blog I follow that had problems with yellow jackets this past week (also in your neck of the woods, North Carolina area).

    Seemed like you did have a productive week though.


  10. EWW Yellow jackets! Hope your stings are getting better. We had fall break too last week. The grandkids were here. This is my first year retired from school. Still volunteer in a friends classroom once a week.

  11. Ouch, is right! Three stings! Yummy, pumpkin muffins and cookies. Wish I was at your house. Have a great rest of the weekend!

  12. They sure do, don't they? And as someone else said, weekends, too! Those stinks look AWFUL!!!

  13. It's good to get those vines off the house. They can do alot of damage to your grout, bring pets into the house too. Hope you're able to keep it off, those vines have a way of coming back multiple times.
    Oozing out my Ears, Death of Find a Grave

  14. Busy, busy, busy. Wish I could sample the baked goods.


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