Weekend Wrap-Up

Another weekend gone.  Friday after work, I went up to the high school to help the band boosters prep the concession stand.  By that, I mean I cut up tomatoes, chopped onions, and got the condiment table ready.  I didn't stay for the game since it was suppose to be so cold.  Plus, I had needed to bake some brownies for the bake sale at the band competition on Saturday.  And, I baked some muffins for the Hospitality Room for the competition.  YS & I had a nice dinner out, followed by a quick trip to the Dollar Tree.
CH drove 7 hours to his high school alma mater, where they were celebrating 100 years of football.  Since I had taken last Friday off, I didn't think I should take that Friday, too.  Here is CH & his brother with their football coach:
And, CH with the State Championship Trophy that they won:
Saturday, I had to be at the high school by 3:00 to work in the Hospitality Room.  This wasn't a bad gig, let me tell ya!  I was inside, and away from the hustle and bustle.  For 5 years I worked concessions; this was much, much nicer!  Not to mention warmer.  I didn't feel the least bit guilty as I walked by the current boosters breaking down the concession stand.
I got to the school a little early so I could watch a few of the bands.
Small Town's band marched exhibition for the first time since the current band director has been there (which has been 9 years).  Even though I didn't have anybody out there, I was so proud of what that band has accomplished over the past 9 years.  9 years ago, there were only around 18 members.  It's grown to around 50 (or more), and they sounded soooo wonderful!

Yesterday was laundry, and catching up on "The Blacklist".  I also watched "The Heat" with Melissa McCarthy & Sandra Bullock.  It wasn't quite as funny as I thought it was going to be, but it was okay.

Hope you had a good weekend, too!


  1. Curious what you think of the blacklist. I'm partway through last week's episode and am starting to get squeamish with all the violence. I may give up if they keep this up.

  2. Well you had a busy weekend and did all that baking too! Glad CH got to go and join his brother at his alma mater. I enjoyed "The Heat" but it wasn't as funny as I had expected it to be either.

  3. How fun for CH! I'm glad you got an indoor gig : )

  4. About time you got an easier job. ;-) Sounds like a nice weekend.


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