A Definite Hodgepodge

1. This coming weekend is Palm Sunday, which marks the beginning of Holy Week. Do you celebrate Easter in your home? What was your favorite Easter tradition as a child?
Oh, yes, we definitely celebrate Easter! We always had an "Alleluia Egg" growing up. With 10 kids, it was too hard to hide a million eggs for all of us, so Mama came up with the idea of only hiding 1 egg. Or, actually 2: one for the big kids, and 1 for the younger ones. Whoever found the egg got something; usually a chocolate bunny. We continued the tradition with our own kids.

2. George Weinberg is quoted as saying, 'Hope never abandons you, you abandon it.' Agree or disagree? Share your own thoughts on the word hope. 
Definitely agree. I relate hope to faith. You've gotta keep hope/faith alive!

3. Weigh in with a yay or nay on the traditional Easter candies. A solid milk chocolate bunny? Cadbury Creme Eggs? Peeps? Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs? Jellybeans? Coconut Cream Eggs? Of the candies listed, which one would you most like to find in your Easter basket?
Cadbury Eggs are just a little too rich. I can eat 1 and that's enough. LOVE Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs and ADORE Coconut Cream Eggs! Peeps:  EEEWWWW.

4. When did you last feel 'like a kid in a candy store'
Monday. I put up a few products on an online teacher store, and someone bought one of my products!

5. What's something you know you do differently than most people? Does that bother you? Does it bother other people?
A secretary at a school where I once worked noticed how I cut an orange. She said she had never seen anyone cut one that way before.  That's all I've got.

6. Palm Springs CA, Palm Beach FL, or the PALMetto State...of the three mentioned, which sunny spot would you most like to visit right now? Which have you visited at one time or another?
Palm Beach, Fl. We lived in the Palmetto State for 9 years...there are definitely some advantages to living there, even if we were inland. We've been near Palm Beach, Fl. on our way to The Keys, and I've never been to Ca.

7. If you could change the length of a day would you lengthen it or shorten it? Tell us why.
Lengthen it. Although, I don't really mind it during the winter when it gets dark around 6. It's just nice to have extra hours of daylight.

8.  Insert your own random thought here.

Please keep a co-worker's 3 year old son in your prayers. Last week, he threw up and stopped breathing. After rushing him to the hospital, they found his bowel was twisted. They ended up having to take it out, and are on the list for a donor. He was on a ventilator for a couple of days, but is now getting stronger and has been moved to a regular hospital room. 


  1. Oh, your poor coworker's son! Will say a prayer! I love the idea of the Alleluia egg!


  2. Oh wow, that's tough. I will add them to my prayers. I thought hubs had an unusual way of cutting an orange, but now I do the same.

  3. Oh my, that poor little guy. I'll be praying for him and his family.

  4. I will definitely keep your friend's son in our prayers.

    I like the idea about the egg. How fun and unique.

  5. Prayers for your co-workers son. I loved the idea about the Alleluia Egg. Spring Break here begins on Friday....I can hardly wait.

  6. Prayers lifted for your co-worker's son. Oh my, how awful!! And hoping for a donor means someone else loses their life, but when another can be saved, praise God.

    I enjoyed the rest of your Hodgepodge!

  7. Enjoyed reading your answers. I actually liked Peeps but don't buy them anymore. I will be praying for your co workers little boy. Hopefully the prayers will be answered for a donor and I'm glad he is doing a little better in the mean time.

  8. I think I'm one of the few who actually like Peeps!
    So sorry to hear about your co-workers little boy. I'll definitely add him to my prayers.


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