Winter Reading Challenge: One Book

Reading Challenge
1 book. 1 measly book. You would think with the 2 weeks we had off from school with the ice, then snow storms I would have read at least 10 books. But, no. All I managed to squeak out is 1 book. I guess that's what happens when you get hooked on discover shows on Hulu. 
My pitiful attempt at finishing the Winter Reading Challenge:
This was actually a cute book. It was light, fun, and amusing. It had me chuckling in places. The end is predictable; you knew it was going to end the way it did. I could definitely see this being made into a Lifetime movie. 
Poppy is a mess: she's getting married to a guy who comes from very intelligent parents, and at a girls afternoon out, she loses the heirloom engagement ring. And her phone is stolen. She finds a phone in the garbage can, just sitting there, so she takes it. She needs a phone to plan her wedding (and keep in touch with the hotel where she lost the ring).  The phone turns out to belong to a Personal Assistant who quit rather abruptly, and Poppy gets into all kinds of trouble answering emails and voice mails that she has no business answering. 
If you read this book, don't forget to read the footnotes...they are hilarious!

Thanks, Rebecca at Knit by God's Hand for hosting this, even though I was a HUGE slacker and only did 2 (okay, 1 1/2) posts! To see what everybody else read (and by that I mean...people actually did read!), check out her linky.


  1. Sounds like a cute book :)


  2. Sounds like a character I would stay aggravated with.... better pass on this one!!

  3. Didn't she write the shopoholic books?

  4. One book is better then none :)
    That looks like a cute read... I love simple reads most of the time :)
    Hey 2 entries into the contest is also better then none :)

  5. If the reading challenge ever rolls back around, I need to hop onboard. It will force me to read more!


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