Weekend Wrap-up

What a great weekend! It started off kind of slow. Friday night CH & I took Daddy out for supper. Then, we laid everything from my camera bundle out on the kitchen table so we could see what I got.  Then, I organized what I thought I would need in the camera bag.
Saturday, CH & I both had things to do, so we did what we had to. I played for Saturday Evening Mass, then we went to eat with Daddy, one of my brothers, and one of my favorite couples from church.
Sunday was such a good day. We went back out to Cades Cove so I could play around with my camera. It was a beautiful day, after having several days of rain.
The scenery was beautiful:

The skies were so blue:

There were some animals out & about:

The water was flowing:

And, the jonquils were blooming:

Yep, the new camera did a pretty good job for the first try!
We ended the weekend with dinner where YS works followed by meeting some people at a local craft beer place. After we got home, I watched a documentary on John Denver. I had no idea that he wrote Leaving on a Jet Plane made famous by Peter, Paul, & Mary, or that the original title was Babe I hate to Go. It was a very good documentary; I just love his music.
How was your weekend?


  1. Sounds like a very nice weekend and your camera did a great job for sure!

  2. My brother is the biggest John Denver fan... I'll have to let him know theres a documentary out.
    Yippe for new camera usage!

  3. Beautiful pictures!! You are putting the new camera to good use! Sounded like a nice weekend! Ours was nice, quiet, restful :)


  4. Beautiful pictures--spring is springing! Love the blue skies and the Jonquils...and John Denver!

  5. Your pics are great! I'm a huge John Denver fan, and would have enjoyed that documentary, too.

  6. Love your photos!! Awesome! My weekend was pretty good, too, and I wrote about it in my blog today.

  7. The pictures look great! I especially love the composition of that second photo!


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