Baking Weekend

Is the weekend already over? There is snow in the forecast, so I may be getting another "snowcation" this week.
I had planned on catching up on reading blogs Saturday morning, but it's hard to do that when the wi-fi is acting up. So, I read from a book and ran some errands. Oh, and did some laundry. Then I baked. I made one last attempt on a King Cake. I found a recipe from Betty Crocker that looked like it might be easier than the one I tried last week. I think I let it rise a little too long. I put it in the oven with boiling water; the recipe said to let it rise for an hour (which I did), but since I did the oven thing I probably shouldn't have left it in so long. It actually didn't taste bad, but still wasn't as good as the real thing.
I'm going to hang on to the recipe and try it again next year.
I also baked something to send to the boys for Valentine's Day and finished it on Sunday. CH said that I should just send them money and let them buy their own, but then it wouldn't have the love baked into it!
Sunday, CH & I went grocery shopping (have I mentioned how much I love the stress-free shopping at Publix?). We stayed home and watched the Super Bowl. It was a win-win for me: Peyton is a favorite son around here, and we lived just outside of Charlotte when the Panthers came into existence, so I didn't care one way or the other who won.
Was anyone else as disappointed in the halftime show as I was? Honestly, ColdPlay's lead singer was having a really hard time singing the opening song, and Beyonce needs to hire a new choreographer. The commercials were very disappointing, too.  I was in bed by 9:30.
I have to add that when they announced Lady Gaga as singing the National Anthem, I rolled my eyes and said, "Great". I was so very pleasantly surprised. She has an amazing voice and was very respectful.
Come on, snow!!!


  1. totally agree about halftime, and commercials

  2. Your cake looks good even if it did not turn out as well as you wanted it to. I have never made one so not sure what all goes into it but must be more complicated that the basic cake. My thoughts about the Super Bowl are pretty much like yours. The game was kind of blah in my humble opinion and Coldplay was cold. Bummed me out because I usually like them.

  3. I love lady gaga when she just lets her voice do the talking for her - & not meat dresses :)

  4. I thought Lady Gaga knocked it out of the park with the National Anthem! Had me all teary-eyed! I loved the commercial with all the doxies...too darn cute! Oh, and the one with Kevin Hart. I say they need to have some bands from the 70's and 80's perform at halftime.

  5. I liked Bruno and Coldplay, but really Beyonce-yuck! Why does she always have to perform in her undies? Don't answer that! I know why : ) I'm so happy for Peyton and hope he retires. I think he has much to offer as a coach or front office guy. Cam has some growing up to do, ahem.

  6. Your cake looks good to me--looks very professional. However, you have to consider that I don't bake--especially after having, on two occasions in two different convents, ruined package brownies!

  7. I had the exact same reaction to Lady Gaga singing the national anthem. I'm glad we were both pleasantly surprised! I didn't care much for the half-time show either.
    I hope you enjoy your "snowcation", if it comes to be :)
    Kathy (Reflections)

  8. Wow, congrats on trying the King Cake - hopefully it will work out better next time around. I cannot stand Lady Gaga, but even I have to give her credit, where credit is due - she did an awesome job for sure. I took a shower during half-time, so I missed it all, but heard it pretty much stunk. LOL Have a great day and thanks for stopping by to say hello! :)

  9. I agree. I thought Lady Gaga did a great job!

  10. Yes Lady Gaga was awesome and she is a very kind hearted woman in real life. Nothing like her performances!!! I heard that they had technical difficulties with sound. It was just an okay show. The game was good and only a few commercials were good ones. I shop at Publix in Florida by my dad and I love the store.

  11. Halftime was awful, not just the choreography but the blatant politicizing! Lady Gaga was exceptional!
    Happy with the outcome of the game, but just couldn't stay up until the end. I went to bed at 10:10!
    I love the food of other regions!


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