Thankful Thursday

It's Thursday! Time for Thankful Thursday with Rebecca from Knit by God's Hand.

I’m Thankful for...
fellowship with women in my parish.
(By the way...the distribution didn't work out very well. We had 3 desserts, 1 appetizer, and a variety of wine!)

.Good lab results, proving that watching what I eat & losing weight is working! (23 pounds so far...11 to go!)

teaching my students that our county is not the center of the universe.
 snow on the playground. I love the way the playground looks when there’s snow.

selfies with someone who shares my name. You don’t see 2 Mary Coopers in the same room very often!
 having a day off on Ash Wednesday. I was planning on taking a half-day since it was time for my mammogram, but I had a bit of a dilemma.: My appointment was at 8:45 and Mass was at 8:00. I would have to leave Mass early and still be a little late for my appointment. Since we had a day off, I was able to make my appointment on time and go to Mass at Noon. Win-win! 

running into a quote again. I don’t know that I’ve ever heard this quote before, but lately, it just keeps popping up.
being able to use social media during Lent.

What are you thankful for this week?


  1. Wtg on the weight loss! I think I like the distribution of wine at the gathering!


  2. If that quote is popping up, me thinks God wants you to REALLY take note :)

    I would think Mary Cooper would be a common name. That's fun to find another one.

    HAHA - I always wonder sometimes when they do food according to the last name thing - how that can sometimes not work out - but I'm sure y'all still had a good time.

  3. Way to go, Mary, on your good lab results and your weight loss! So awesome! We got a dusting of snow on Tues., but it was gone in no time. Sure was pretty to see those big flakes falling from the sky.

  4. Did you end up with a snow day? I love the Lent photo a day, but dare not add one more thing to the calendar!

  5. I love that quote and I agree 100%!!

  6. AWESOME Thankfuls!! Especially the weight. I've decided to be more proactive on my health this year since I'm inching closer to 50. We are self pay and on a health share program now. (Samaritan Health Share). so I've been ticking one thing at a time off of my to do list: dental, yearly, next up is a mammogram. For lent, I have also decided to stop eating unhealthy foods (not giving up totally but just being more aware and making the choice to pick something healthy instead). I'm adding some short work out routines to my day, making this all part of my lenten sacrifice because I HATE to exercise. Seriously hate it. I think if I wouldn't be interrupted every. single. time. I would do it more. At least I use to, but Miss C is so attached to me ;) Has to do everything I do, including exercise ;)

  7. Congrats Mary on your lab results and weight loss. Very inspiring!! Love the Mary Cooper photo. My sister in law and I have the same names- including middle names. I am Melissa #1 and sister in law is Melissa #2. (I got married first!) Thanks for sharing the quote. I have created a prayer journal to use during Lent. Have a toad-ally blessed weekend!


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