Friday's Fave Five

I haven't linked up with Susanne at Living to Tell the Story in forever, so it's time!

1.  My favorite auto equipment for the week:
    Jumper cables. If you read yesterday's post, you know why I said that.

2. Favorite phone accessory:
    External battery. When I got out of community band practice Wed. night and found my dead car battery, I realized my phone battery was also dead. Something wasn't right in the electric universe for me that night!

3. Favorite moment of the week: 
    Thursday morning, after I got to school, I saw and heard a little girl (maybe Kinder or first grade) walking by the office, singing. No one was around, and she was just singing her little heart out!

4. Favorite quote of the week:
   "My life would be easier, but it wouldn't be better." (Victor, Jenny Lawson's husband, responding to her statement that his life would be easier without her. This is from the book, Furiously Happy). *sigh* How he loves her; even with all of the health struggles. 

5. Favorite Instagram picture:
 This is YS, pizza dough spinner extraordinaire, at work:
I hope you found some favorites in your life this week! Have a SUPER weekend!


  1. I dont have one of those external chargers but I need one so badly! Its good to know they work well!

  2. Oh boy.....dead batteries are no fun at all! hope you have resolved both issues!!

    I LOVE hearing little ones sing. I work in a kindergarten classroom and love it when one of the kids will sing. even the autistic boy i work with was singing today!! Happy weekend!!

  3. Oh wow - hope all the electrical problems are solves and stay that way. :-) That's sweet about the little girl singing. I'll have to look that book up. That quote sounds similar to one I read years ago in Charlie's Victory by Charlie Wedemeyer - he contracted ALS, and in one moment of feeling like his family would be better off without him, his wife said something like, "I'd rather have you this way than not at all."

  4. Welcome back to FFF! I love those shots of your pizza boy. And hurray for having the right tools at the right time.

  5. :)) Love when kids just bust out in song for no reason! Have a hoppy weekend!

  6. Sorry your battery was dead. Great idea to have one of those external batteries! Great Instagram photo, that is so cool.

  7. I am always amazed at how people can throw pizza like that... If i tried it would land on my head!

  8. Wow, you had a crazy week. I keep jumper cables in my car all the time, just in case. Oh I love that little one singing her heart in the hall :)

  9. Welcome back! I have a dayhome child who sings all the time just for her own enjoyment. Makes my day!


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