Fave 5 for Friday

Susanne at Living to Tell the Story hosts the FFF. I'm joining in today for the second week in a row!

Favorite Meal
Vegetable Gumbo. We kick off Lent on Ash Wednesday with fast & abstinence from meat. I’m not a big vegetable eater especially cooked vegetables- but this was really good.

Favorite text ( from 1 of my sisters on Tuesday when it was snowing but we didn’t
have a snow day): “Where are you? I was able to get her back on Wednesday when she was at work and we did  have a snow day!

Favorite wallpaper for my phone

Favorite picture
 This was right before I chased him off of the bird feeder for the 100th time.

Favorite quote of the week
Our finger prints don't fade from the lives we touch. - - -Judy Blume

I hope everyone has an awesome weekend!


  1. yay for Judy Blume quotes and snow days....although here in eastern NY we still havent had lne which is most unusual! BUT today is the last day of school/work and all next week we are on Winter Recess! yay!!

    my family usually does meatless 3 days a week so this veggie gumbo is gonna be one I will try! tha ks for sharing!

  2. A new-to-me meme! I enjoyed your FFF!!

  3. Too cute with the squirrel; they can be so persistent, can't they?


  4. This looks like a fun link. Are those the five things we list or do you just choose five things from your week that were your favorite?

  5. We also had delicious soup Wednesday--a vegetable soup with rice in it--and crusty bread. We also had the leftovers for lunch yesterday and by the time I got to the dining room, it was gone!
    I love that Judy Blume quote! I have a letter in my prayer book that a former student gave me a few years ago. It's amazing how sometimes a simple act of acknowledgement that we don't even remember can touch someone's life in a positive way!

  6. I just liked that quote on Goodreads... its so good!!!!

  7. Those pesky squirrels are so funny with bird feeders! Nice quote...
    Have a good weekend.

  8. I linked up. I love your phone wallpaper. I have been downloading free phone screens from She Reads Truth and enjoy the little positive and encouraging reminders whenever I look at my phone. Have a great weekend!

  9. Cheeky squirrel and great pics.

  10. Ah, those elusive snow days! We thought sure we'd get one but never did. Maybe this Sunday, when I don't want to have one!

    Cute wallpaper!

    Love the quote. I certainly hope there will be lots of fingerprints of mine left ...

  11. We had such trouble with squirrels devouring our bird seed that we finally got a couple of squirrel-proof feeders. Funny picture, though! Nice quote!

  12. No snow days here. Ever. We are having record heat.
    "Poor" little squirrel. Even squirrels have to eat. They just shouldn't eat the bird food :)


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