Friday's Fave Five: Better Late than Never

I’m posting a little late today; we’ve been exceptionally busy the past couple of days! Better late than never, right? Joining Susanne at Living to Tell the Story with my FFF.
1.      My favorite text is from MS. I told him I was planning on meeting an SLP that I know out in the cyberworld, and here is his response:
2.      I ran across what is becoming my favorite quote yet again. This time, it was in an Etsy shop.
3.      Favorite search. MS & I had a discussion about some foods, and being able to eat alligator on Fridays during Lent came into question. I inserted it into Google and got a response.
4. Funniest thing I saw on Facebook this week:
5.   Favorite moment:
I ran into a high school friend & his wife on Sunday night. CH & I were eating at our usual Sunday night Mexican Restaurant. He came up to me, said my name, and said, “You don’t know who I am, do you?” It took me about half of a minute before I realized who it was. I don’t think I’ve seen him since I graduated from high school, and I had never met his wife. They sat down and chatted until our food came, and it we talked like we had known each other forever. We (the high school friend & I) lived away and came back to the Small Town after 20+ years.


  1. How cool to "connect" with someone from years before :) It is good to know alligator is acceptable food during Lent :)


  2. Giggling over the text...a lampshade...priceless. Now wait, isn't seafood meat? AND Alligator is not seafood (and I hope you know I am saying in jest and teasing you). Thank you for the smiles... have a beautiful rest of the weekend.

  3. That is a lovely quote. Really, alligator is okay to eat. Isn't really sea food??? Love the fart joke.

  4. Alligator is okay? I would have said no, but I am not the bishops!

  5. Alligator is seafood? Who knew?! How interesting to run into someone you haven't seen since high school. I wonder how many people I would recognize. Laughing over #4.

  6. Alligator (reptiles) are accepted. I found that out last year when my kids informed me. I was like really?? And that last one? So funny!!! Hope you have a great week ahead. This is our quarter finals week. The kids worked ahead on their book reports (grade school) and research papers (high school), so that alleviates much of the pain ;)

  7. Wow, what fun to run into an old high school friend.
    I loved that quote from St. Catherine.
    Enjoy your alligator on Friday :)

  8. Hi Mary,

    I really need to remember that women release tension...they don't fart. LOL

    Happy Easter


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