Highlights from 2017

Happy New Year!
Looking back over the past year, so much happened. I have never been so glad to see a year end as I have 2017. Here are some of the highlights:
January started with a text saying my father had been admitted to the hospital. CH & I were on our way back home from a week’s vacation at the beach. We got home & I immediately headed to the hospital. He stayed in for a week, then went to my brother’s house where the plan was for him to get stronger so he could go home.
Daddy leaving the hospital
February: Exactly 1 month after he was admitted to the hospital, my father passed away. He never made it back home, but his passing was quickly and peacefully. My brother & I were in the room with him. It’s amazing what you can do when faced with the reality of life…and death.
My siblings & I...probably not the best time to have a photograph, but when everyone is there, you have to take advantage!
March: Since both of our birthdays are in March, my Cooper SIL & I spent a weekend away in Chattanooga, which is almost halfway for both of us. It was a nice getaway for the both of us.
Who knew that this was a sign of what was to come in a few months?
April: Cleaning out my parents’ house continued. A desk that my father refinished found a new home in my house and 1 thing that my oldest sister said she wanted was found.
My brother found this in the upper portion of the broom closet. We were so glad it was found for my sister!
It's a really tight fit, but it's in!
May: A houseguest arrived! This is MS’ dog who will be staying with us until June. While she can be very sweet, CH has dubbed her “Satan Dog”. MS is her 3rd owner in her short life, so changing her name from “Gurl Dogg” (MS’ name for her) was not possible.

Sweet dog, but she really is quite the terror!
June: The kitchen renovation from hell began. What began as such an excitement quickly became pure hell.
Here comes hell! 😁
July: I had a great weekend in New Orleans meeting online friends at a conference. We had such a great time, but the weekend was over way too quickly. If you’ve met other blogging friends IRL, you know exactly what I’m talking about. It was as if we had known each other forever.
Here we are, the "Splitcoast Speechies"! Just a few Speech Pathologists from all over the country (minus Colorado who couldn't come) who have forged an amazing friendship!
August: There was so much hype about the eclipse. We had a day off since it occurred at dismissal time. At first we were going to have a 30 minute delay start and 30 minute later dismissal, but that planned changed. Around here, it was a huge family event.
CH, YS, & I went to a friend's childhood farm to watch the even.
September: My kitchen was finally completed, and another Sisters’ Weekend was held. Everyone except for a SIL was there. We’ve started extending it by a day, which still isn’t enough time!
Finally finished!
I love the way it turned out, but not what it took to get there.
1 of my SILs made these pillows out of my dad's shirts.
October: My Cooper SIL & I took a trip to Ireland. It was her third and my first. We had a wonderful time and talked about going back with our husbands and having them drive so I can see the “real” Ireland…not just the bigger cities. Or move there. My SIL will run a B&B and I will farm sheep. Sounds perfect, no?

On the boat to Inis Mor, the largest of the Aran Islands

On our way to Killarney 
November: We went to my husband’s hometown for my MIL’s 75th birthday, and CH flew OS in. We hadn’t seen him since he moved to Washington last February. MS drove in from Baton Rouge; the only one missing was YS who was on call for work and couldn’t go.
Just missing YS!
We spent Thanksgiving with CH’s parents, and brother & SIL. My SIL & I went to a painting “class”, which we had done previous Thanksgivings when we spent the holiday at her house.
M enjoys it so much more than I do, but...there was wine.
December: I wasn’t excited about Christmas; I had a very difficult time getting into the spirit, but once it was here, I got through it just fine. It was very low-key: MS & YS were home. I scaled back on the cooking and candy making so it was pretty stress-free.
We ended the year as it began: camping at the beach. It was quite a bit cooler & wetter than last year, but it was still warmer than home. And, it’s the beach, so there’s that!
We didn't let the cold and wind (and some rain) stop us!

We did have a couple of days that were warm enough to shed scarves!

Here’s wishing you a Happy & Prosperous New Year!


  1. I enjoyed the recap of your year! Wishing you a 2018 full of blessings!

  2. So sorry about your loss of your father. That is so hard, I know.

    The kitchen is beautiful and I can’t imagine a trip to Ireland. That must have been awesome.

  3. It was a full year! Despite hardships, you live life well, my friend!

  4. I love the recap; so sorry it started with sadness though. Praying that 2018 brings you much joy and less stress. :)
    Happy New year!

  5. Enjoyed all of the photos. Those pillows are so sweet. Your kitchen looks so beautiful.


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