Saying Goodbye to Christmas

The Magi made it to the Manger!
The Magi are at the manger, signaling the end of another Christmas.  I'm kind of sad to see it go. I only sat in the living room once with the only light being the Christmas tree lights. I made it through Christmas Day just fine with just a few modifications. MS went to Midnight Mass, but I just couldn't bring myself to go. I played at the 5:00 Mass, came home and fixed dinner, cleaned up, and then headed to bed. I got a little teary-eyed during the Mass, so I knew there would be no way I could make it through Midnight Mass.
I noticed this year that more people seem to have kept their decorations up, at least through this weekend. It made me smile. It's always so sad to see people in such a hurry to put decorations up at Thanksgiving, and then be in such a rush to take them down the day after Christmas.
I put my tree up earlier this year than I had before. I kind of did it in stages, though, because I ordered a new pre-lit tree, and, well, because of this:
Gurl Dogg does like to get into stuff!
I had no idea how she was going to react to the tree, or to the presents under it. I put up the tree and waited. So far, so good. Then, I put the skirt under. No problem. Then came the really tricky part: the presents. She was good as gold! The only time she even sniffed at them was when CH put my presents that my niece wrapped for him (and did a fantastic job!) under the tree. 
I was very pleased with my new tree:
The pre-lit tree was incredibly stress-free to put up
I had a few new ornaments this year:
This was from my trip to New Orleans for a conference in July

One of my sisters sent this to angel with a flute!

Of course, I brought an ornament back from Ireland!

This is technically a sun-catcher from Cliffs of Moher, but I'm using it as an ornament.
I didn't really feel like doing a lot of candy-making or baking, but I had to get a box off to OS, so I made some Texas Millionaires and Chocolate Covered Cherries for him. I also made Hungarian Coffee Cake for him and several of my co-workers, as well as some Eggnog Bread. I also ended up making some Bourbon Balls and a batch of Andes Cookies. I really scaled back from what I usually make. 
Usually, for Christmas Eve Dinner I make a dessert, but I didn't this year. The past couple of years I ended up having to throw it away, so I didn't even bother this year. No one even noticed. One of our traditions is an almond in pistachio pudding: whoever finds the nut gets a prize. I didn't do that, either, and not one word was mentioned about it. That will make things much easier for next year!
CH & I went back to St. Andrews State Park in Panama City Beach, Fl. between Christmas & New Year's Day. More on that later! We had a nice vacation and spent New Year's Day with his parents. Good times!
Now it's back to the ordinary. The decorations are in boxes, ready to be taken downstairs. Time to get back to "normal"!


  1. I'm like you. I hate to see the decorations come down. However, I do like it when my house gets back to normal. Whatever that is. We are having Christmas with my son this weekend so everything is still in place. They were going to come New Years, but the temperatures and wind chills had me calling it off. It was too cold to make a 2 hour drive. I do like your new tree by the way.

  2. I still have our tree up. Its bare, but I still turn it on for the lights, I hate how dark it is early & love the extra glow

  3. We left the tree up longer than usual but took down the outside decorations right after new year's day. I am always happy to have the house back to normal though, so we got that all done this week. Your new tree is really pretty! It's one of the fullest I've ever seen. Wishing you a year ahead full of blessings, Mary!

  4. I ALMOST took mine down on New Year's Day, however, I quick dusting of everyone seemed to take that urge away. Once I felt like things were neat and tidy once again, I felt better. I'm such a neat freak! But I agree, it is enjoyable to see people leaving their Christmas up through the season.

  5. It makes me sad that you were sad. Maybe next year you will feel like your traditions. I put Christmas away on the 6th. I always feel like the house looks bland. As I wrote this comment I looked over and discovered a decoration I missed!! Ugh!

  6. I'm still taking down my decorations, I'm close to being done. I don't have the energy I had years ago. I love to have them up until after the New Year! However I have too much stuff and I need to downsize them. Sorry your Christmas felt different. ((Hugs)) Glad the pup did okay with the tree and gifts. Love your new ornaments. Glad you got some baking done. They sound yummy.

  7. beautiful tree!

    Where did you go in Ireland?

    1. Thank you! I went to Dublin, Galway, Knock, Aran Islands, Cliffs of Moher, Killarney, and Dingle Peninsula. I'm just getting around to writing posts on my first one is set to be published on Thursday, 01/18/2018!


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