Beginning of May Hodgepodge


1. May Day! May Day!...last time you shouted for help? Or maybe just asked? 

Just a couple of days ago, actually. Our women's group at church is without a secretary at the moment. It's a pretty big job so I asked a young woman if she would be willing to take on half of the job because I'm having trouble finding the time to do that part. I love it when people say "yes" and mean it!

2. What's something you may do this month? 

I may go camping. It's perfect weather for it. Hopefully, we can find a campground that has openings.

3.  'April showers bring May flowers' this true where you live? What's blooming? What's your favorite springtime blossom?

April was drier than I remember it being in past years, but the flowers are just beautiful! Honeysuckle is blooming and the azaleas are fading away. I don't have any in my yard, but 1 of my sisters has a couple of huge ones in her front yard. The irises are in full bloom and they are just lovely! I don't have a favorite blossom. At the beginning of spring, I like the jonquils and Lenten Roses and then the tulips, followed by the wildflowers in the park, honeysuckle outside of our side windows, and the irises.

4. What's something you learned at your mother's knee?

What didn't I learn at my mother's knee? She taught me so very much: how to be compassionate & kind; how to not take yourself too seriously; and how to be a good mother.

5. Share a thought about motherhood. 

It's hard, and it doesn't get easier as your children grow into adults.

6. Insert your own random thought here. 

I love this time of year: it's cool enough to not need the air conditioner yet and doesn't get cold enough at night to need to close the windows. We have our windows wide open with cool breezes coming through. It won't last long, probably just another week or 2 and then we'll have to turn on the air.


  1. I agree with your answer about motherhood! We are already into air conditioner mode here in Alabama.

  2. I have always said motherhood isn't for sissies, grin. Especially when one loses a child (no matter the age, the pain is real). Just keeping it real. smiles

    Since I live in central Florida now, the ac is on. The nights are cool but not enough to turn the ac off, grin. Have a beautiful day, Mary.

  3. I WISH we could not rely on the A/C but with the exception of early morning and late evening, North Florida has been pretty warm lately.

  4. I hope you get to go camping this weekend. Have fun

  5. I feel like the pollen might do me in this year. And it's not over yet. The lake still has a lot of yellow floating on top. It's lingering for some reason. I love Lenten roses too and want to plant some here. I had them in my last house and they are so pretty.

  6. Our april was wet and we even had snow....I LOVE honeysuckle. I have memories of a honeysuckle outside my grandmas house. I'm ready for some more sun. My daughter joked today that we don't have 4 seasons...we have 9 months of rain and snow and 3 months of sun...haha!


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