First Fall FFF

Here are the FFF of the week:

1.  Finding this in a grocery store that I don't frequent very often:
We toured the brewery when we were in Copenhagen last year.  It didn't taste as good as the ones we had in Denmark, but it still was pretty good!

2A quiet weekend....just CH & me.  The high school had an away game that was 1 1/2 hours away.  We opted to stay home.  On Saturday YS went to Oktoberfest with the German Class.  The funny thing is that he doesn't take German.  He asked the teacher if he could tag along, and there was room for him to go.  My boys are definitely not shy!

MS' Rugby Team won the SEC 7 on 7 Championship on Saturday.  He was so excited!  Even though I know nothing about Rugby, I can't wait to watch a match!

4.  YS' 16th birthday.  I can't believe it's been 16 years since we were blessed with such a wonderful surprise!  All 10 pounds, 22 inches of him.  And, I had him naturally (although not by choice!).

And now:

5.  The beginning of our "Sisters' Weekend".  Every year my mom, sisters, and sisters-in-law get away for a weekend of togetherness.  We eat too much, drink too much, laugh, shop, and sometimes there may be an argument or two!   A movie may be watched, and usually there's a football game on the tv on Saturday.  I love, love, LOVE my sisters!  This year there will be 8 of us.  Don't worry, there will be an update next week!

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  1. such a cute blog, amazing that you can get beer in a grocery store in the US. Here in Canada that's just not possible. Have a great weekend.
    I'm following from follow friday over forty btw.

  2. I love watching's really popular in the UK and I think I saw enough of it there to sorta kinda understand it.

    Oldest daughter's bf is the captain of the team at her uni. I think we will finally get to see him play since there is a match on Parent's Weekend...the last two years he hasn't had a match that day.

    Have fun with your sisters! Sounds awesome!

  3. Hi! That sister's weekend sounds great! And a 10 lb baby naturally? Are you saying no epidural? Bless you!

    I found you through the Follow Friday 40 and Over!!

    Come visit me when you have a chance

  4. Mary,

    I haven't had a Carlsberg in YEARS. Thanks for reminding me of them. Yum! I finally got the Eight questions answered and posted tonight. whew! I'm glad to have that completed. Have a wonderful weekend with the girls! If you ever find that you need to adopt another sister, I volunteer! It sounds like a lot of fun. Blessings, Candace

  5. 10 lbs, 22 inches??? Are you serious?

    Mine were both 5 pounders, so natural childbirth was...well, I started to say a breeze, but I'll be was still CHILDBIRTH! Nothing like what you went through 16 years ago, though!

    Have a great weekend with the girls!

  6. I bet you really needed a Carlsberg 16 years ago after YS showed up! 10 lbs, yikes!

  7. Hey Mary - my boy was also not a 'natural birth' choice...and he was a biggun too...good thing they're so cute in the early years, yes?

    Your weekend sounds fantastic. I pray that there will be a HUGE surplus of love and laughter, and minimal arguments!

  8. The "sisters" weekend sounds fabulous and fun. I wish I did something like that. Unfortunately, I don't have any sisters and one SIL has distanced herself from the family and another lives in N. Carolina, so it's kind of difficult to do something like that.

  9. I love that then and now picture... very sweet!

  10. I absolutely love your blog. Thank you Over 40 Friday Follow for leading me to it.


  11. your fall theme is adorable!!! Love it!!
    I'm your newest follower and wanted to invite you to visit me at

    Take care and have a great weekend

  12. the sister time sounds like a great idea. have a wonderful time. rose

  13. Beautiful family! Found you on over 40 and I'm going to follow. I also live in a small town!

  14. Such handsome boys you have!! Hope your weekend is packed full of great memories!

  15. Holy Cow! Ten pounds makes for one whopping big baby! My sister's first child was 10.5 lbs, and she's 5'1 and very small-boned.

    Happy birthday to the boy!! Good job, Mom!

  16. Ah, sisters are the best!!And how fun that you get together every year. We try, there are 7 plus sister-in-law plus mommmy, but with all those women, there is bound to be someone pregnant. Soon that will end. Have fun!!

  17. Those are awesome FFF's. The weekend sounds like fun. Enjoy!

  18. Hiya! I'm your newest Follow Friday blog follower! I love that you are all ready for fall!!! So adorable!

    Stop on in and say HI!


  19. I rarely leave a comment (I am CH from her blog) In the picture the big one on the right side of the picture was once the little baby in the picture.

  20. Love the fall page, love the post...and I got to spend the weekend with my Knoxville best friend at a Women of Faith was an exciting weekend. I am going to be in Knoxville October 11 - 13th...would love to meet you and CH for coffee...or pie...whatever.

  21. My 10+ lb youngest baby is turning 21 this coming month. I cannot believe it yet.

  22. Congrats to your son!!
    And wow your youngest was 10lbs! My sister had a 10lb baby too!
    That is really nice that you get together with your sisters and mom! I wish I did that with mine...could be because we all live in the same neighborhood! lol.

  23. The sisters thing sounds wonderful. Wish my kids lived close enough that we could do that. Maybe at Christmas the 4 of us can slip away for a few hours anyway.


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