See, I knew if I had left my original title "Tagged again", there may be some people who wouldn't read the post due to being a tad bit afraid that I may have tagged them, then they would feel obligated to keep the tag going!

Tina tagged me Saturday.  I have to answer 8 questions then tag eight bloggers with 8 new questions. (I guess it's true what they say about paybacks!)   Here are the questions/answers:

1. What would you say was your best age?
I don't know that I can pick one certain age, but definitely the college years, specifically my freshman and senior years.  My freshman year because I was so carefree and was having the time of my life.  My senior year because that's the year I really started getting serious about growing up:  I met CH at the beginning of that year and started to see "life after college".

2. Do you read the Bible?
I read it from time to time, but not as often as I should, for sure.

3. Who is your favorite Biblical character?
Mary.  Although I have a hard time calling her a "character".

4. Who is your favorite author? What book by the author was your favorite?
I have a couple:  James Patterson and Janet Evanovich.  I can't pick one book from either of them, but when they have a new one come out, I've got to read it!

5. Who was your favorite teacher? your least favorite?
My favorite teacher was my Sophmore English & Spanish teacher.  My least favorite would've been my Junior English Teacher.  I had a lot of good teachers in Jr. High, one of whom just happens to be YS' favorite teacher in high school.  He's still really nice looking, and my heart just melts a little when he sees me and gives me a hug!  He's going to retire this year, so I'm glad YS had an opportunity to have been taught by him.

6. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?
I really, really want to go to Germany/Austria/Switzerland/Lichtenstein (yes, I said "Lichtenstein"!).  I've always dreamed of going there:  the pictures are so incredibly pretty.

7. Do you think today's tv shows are better or worse than the ones you grew up watching? Please explain your answer.
I think they're worse, for the most part.  Especially children's shows.  The lack of modesty really gets to me.

8. What do you like to do most on the weekends?
Fall weekend:  Watch football!  LOVE football season!  I also like to take some impromptu trips to the Cove and just drive around and see the beauty of this area.
Winter weekends:  curl up on the couch with some good movies.
Spring weekends:  Go to the Cove and see the flowers blooming.
Summer weekends:  Ha!  Every day in the summer is a weekend for me!

I know some of you will be wincing when you read this to see if you've been tagged!  If you don't want to play along, it's completely fine! Or, if you want to answer the questions, but don't want to tag 8 more people, that's completely fine, too!
Here are my "tagees":
1.  Just Breathe  (Every time I read "Just Breathe" I hear Faith Hill's song!)
2.  All Things A Ro
3.  Family Team
4.  Never Growing Old
5.  Reasons for Chocolate
6.  Mi Chiamo Candace
7.  Down in my Little Valley
8.  Easy Street

Here are the questions:

1.  Did you play a sport in high school?  If so, which one(s)?
2.  If you watch Food Network, what is your favorite show and who is your favorite personality on the network?
3.  What is the job around the house that you dislike the most?
4.  Name one person or defining moment in your life that made you who you are today.
5. Who/what do you look toward for you inspiration?
6.  Are you one of those women who insists on wearing makeup before you step foot out of the house?
7.  What is the one item of makeup that you never do without?
8.  What is your favorite story in the Bible?

Okay, you lucky 8:  Answer the questions, then tag 8 new people and don't forget to ask 8 new questions!


  1. There are definitely fewer shows to watch as a family. I mean without cringing or dying of embarrassment with your kids in the room.

  2. I love Janet Evanovich too!! She's my favorite author.

  3. I love you answer to #8...College Football and impromptu drives to the Cove. I miss the Smokies!

  4. Thank you for thinking of me. I will play along but I may not tag anyone. Loved reading your answers.

  5. Loving your answers...and sighing a breath of relief that you did not tag me...Have a great week!

  6. Those were some serious questions!

    We need to hang out for a weekend - any weekend will work, they all sound good to me :).

  7. Thanks for playing. I know *exactly* who the high school teacher is! Won't you get to see him a church sometimes? When I've been home, that's usually when I saw him.

    And you being carefree your freshmen year? Don't remind me!

    Love ya!

  8. Your answer to #8 was perfect. :) Thanks for thinking of me! I'll work on answering them soon. Fun.

  9. I almost didn't post this comment because you have "8" comments already. ha! I loved reading your answers. I'm going to play along and try not to over-analyze it. That was very good advice! Thanks, Mary! Candace


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