TYVM is Back!

I haven't participated in this meme in a while, but school's back in full swing, so I've got some things to say.

1.  To the woman who chose to go through the express lane with a buggy full of  groceries.  HELLO?  Are you stupid or just don't give a rat's butt that there are people coming home from work who would like to get home?  Nothing against SAHM, but this woman looked to be one, so she could've gone to the store at any time during the day.  But NOOOOO, she chose to go when people who work are getting off, running by the store for just a few items are there.  I really, really hope she saw me look up at the "Express Lane  15 Items or Less" sign.  I don't think she would've cared, though.  And, yes, when the cashier asked me how I was doing, I responded with "Well, I'm pretty frustrated right now."  Smart guy...he knew better than to say or ask me anything else.  Plus, I think he gave me a couple of extra scratch-off cards.

2.  To whoever chose to grab a candy bar that was in the lounge without putting in a dollar:  YS is selling them as a fundraiser...not a give away.  Seriously...you work in a school.  We are trying to teach kids integrity, and you choose to just help yourself?  Yes, it's only $1, but what if everybody did what you did?  And, if you didn't have a dollar on you, you could've just let me know that you would be paying me later.  ( I realize that when I leave school on Thursday I will probably have an extra dollar in there, because I have a sneaky suspicion that that is exactly what happened.)
(Okay, I have to do a PS here.  As I was getting in my car Wed. morning, I counted the candy bars and I had 10, not 9.  So, no one got a bar and didn't pay me.  I just don't know how to count to 10.  I thought about  deleting #2, but then I thought, "no, if people  are reading, they need to know what an idiot I am!  If I lose a few followers because of my idiocy, so be it!)

3.  To MS:  I absolutely love walking by your room and see it looking like it did before you moved into the dorm.   I was going to wash the sheets on your bed over the weekend, but decided against it when I saw this:
 This prompted a phone call to you to tell you need  to come home at some point and clean your room, which prompted you to tell me to tell YS to do it.  Uh, no...I think not.  I refuse to clean up something that should've been done before you moved into the dorm.  It will be waiting on you when you come home...and I know at some point you will come home.

And that completes my rants for the week.  Hopefully I've made you realize that you have a lot to be thankful for, or maybe I've even made you chuckle.
In the words of a friend:  It's "Little Friday"!


  1. Ha-has OS got something on YS that makes him think he'd clean his room for him?

    I'm with you...close the door and he'll eventually be back.

  2. LOL at you miscounting the candy bars. Sounds like something I would do!!

    I get IRATE when people with a lot of stuff use the express lanes.

    Thanks for linking up!

  3. I like the new orange and white colors on your post. Meant to write that last time.

  4. The first one was my favorite. I copied your idea from yesterday....after watching the video...I was inspired to write my own life difference story. Thanks for the inspiration.

  5. I love you! You crack me up! : )

  6. One of my pet peeves - too many items for the express lane. I actually find myself counting how many are in both my cart and the person's in front of me. And if I have 21, and the limit is 20, I go to another lane. Seriously.

    (And no, you won't lose any followers because of your idiocy. We love you because of your candor and sense of humor!)

  7. I recognize that room scenario. We have two of them.

    I was at the grocery store the other morning and this woman, who looked like she had a full time job was in the express line with 17 items....I said: "Hey don't you have a job? Get to work and get out of my store!"
    Ok, kidding. but I thought it was funny.
    I shop at all different times, but you won't catch me in the express lane illegally. never :)

  8. Oh my gosh Mary you just crack me up! I could have seriously copied and pasted this into my own blog and acted like these are mine...we think that much alike!

    I lol at the miss counted candy bars because I can relate with this one!

    Thanks for the laughs...I needed it!

  9. I love reading your rants, Mary! You are so funny and I can just imagine you saying them! LOL
    I know what you mean about the express checkouts, though our local Walmart has done away with the item limit for some reason. They are still short checkout counters but you can take all that you want through there and believe me, people do!
    I have been known to take an item or three to the jewelry counter and ask them if they will please check me out, IF the other registers are busy and they don't have very many open in the first place.
    Have a great weekend!!!
    Loved that you called your son AT college to tell him about his dirty room back home!! LOL
    You are hilarious! :-)


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