I'm feeling guilty.  I love to participate in blog hops, but when someone follows  me, I feel that I have to reciprocate and follow back.  That means getting even more behind in my blog reading.  That means neglecting house chores.  And, if I do house chores, I feel guilty because I'm not reading posts, or writing my own posts.  I need to remind myself why I started writing a blog.  
So, when I started my blog, did I care how many people were following?  (The answer is 'no'.)  I couldn't (and still can't) believe how many great blogs there are to read out there.  Some of you guys are terrific writers, and I'm very, very envious.  Me?  I hope that when you read my posts you feel like you're talking to a friend. Maybe your best friend, or your sister ('cause if you know anything about me, you know that I don't have friends, I have sisters!).
How many of y'all  have met people in real life that you've "met" through blogging?  I may have an opportunity to meet a terrific lady that I've been reading since I discovered blogs, but,to tell you the truth, I'm a  little anxious about it.  What if we don't have anything to say once we actually meet? (I really don't foresee this happening, though)  Then there's a fairly new blogging friend who lives across the county. We've been at the same place at the same time, and we've known we'd be there, but haven't actually met yet. How weird is that?  We just can't seem to get it together. 
Okay, now be honest:  How many of you talk about people you read in your real-life everyday conversation?  I find myself being careful when I talk about something I've read.  I don't want to seem like a weirdo or a person without a  life, so I'll say things like "I read somewhere...", or "Somebody said..."  Then I feel a little guilty because I feel like I've let somebody down by not giving them the proper credit.  
I'm just a guilt-ridden woman.  Must be the ol' Catholic Guilt thing.  Speaking of which, I feel guilty not posting about my faith enough.  The only explanation I have for all of this guilt is hormones.  Or lack of. 
Now, to top all of the blogging guilt, MS called last night. His rugby team is having a family reception at one of the coaches' houses.  On Friday night.  When there's a home football game.  When the band boosters take care of the concessions.  Did I mention it's Fall Break for them so we're already going to be short-handed?  He said he wants one of us to be there, and CH runs the chains, so guess who it's going to be?  (Breathe, Mary, Breathe)  I can do this:  I can leave work, go the high school, get the condiment table ready, wrap some hamburgers, then go to the reception.  I may even be able to make it back to the game when it's over to help clean up.  Maybe.  But not likely.  This is a good thing, yet a bad thing about MS going to school so close to home.
Back to blogging guilt:  CH asked me to get him some waterDid I?  Uh, no.  I was too busy writing this post, and kinda forgot about it.  (Yes, I realize this post is all over the place, but I will not feel guilty about it!)
And now I'm going to go to bed, 'cause this guilt thing has worn. me. out!


  1. I feel like I'm reading a letter from a friend when I read your posts! That's a great compliment I think! You seem so authentic. ~ I used to feel guilty when people signed up as followers, but I wasn't following them. But, I am only following people who either a) have great stuff to say that I want to read b) seem like great ladies that I'd like to be friends with c)are inspirational to me in my hobbies like photography and writing d) have a meme that I don't want to forget by not getting the prompt on my dashboard. I don't follow just to follow. Following implies I want them to lead me somewhere. Do I want to follow everyone any old place they take me? No. ~ I do talk about my blogs. My husband even knows my closest blog buddies by name. I don't have to identify that they are from the blog anymore. If I read something interesting that I want to tell someone about, I just say, I read this great blog the other day and the said such and such. Anyway, this is way too long of a comment. Don't feel guilty!

  2. I can relate to this post. My life is filled with a lot of guilt. blog guilt - Am I interesting enough? Does my blog matter to anyone? Do I comment on the blogs I love often enough? mommy guilt - this list would be too long. wife guilt - another long list! haha I hope you find a way to work out Friday either by cloning yourself to be in two places at once or just breathe, Mary and do the best you can. ;)

    And for the record, I LOVE your blog!

  3. I hear you on the weird thing and not talking about where I read stuff.

    I used to be that way. I'd even cover my mouth and whisper, "In my blog..."

    But now, I am proud to say that 1) I write a blog, and 2) I read blogs.

    I even consider a few of my readers (you included) dear friends.

    I talk about Rebecca (Knit by God's Hand) one of my Best Blogging Friends. We often say that we would be at each other's houses daily because we have so much in common.

    Do I feel weird talking about something y'all said in y'all's blogs?

    Heck no.

    I think that I have seen a larger part of the world through this forum, and I am so grateful for it.

    And, I've even introduced this medium to my students. Some are starting to understand what I mean about loving it so much.

    Don't feel bad about Friday night. It's so much more important to be with MS. It's wonderful that he asked you to be there. Don't rush. Enjoy the time with him! Oh, and go and get that water tomorrow.

  4. I feel your pain. I try to follow the people who follow me. On some of the days when I do weekly things like Meet Me on Monday, Post It Note and Random Dozen I will put those people in separate folders in my reader and mainly read them on those days. That's not true for all people because some I knew before I started doing those. I spend at least 6 hours blogging each day and it gets more demanding as time goes on. This has always been an issue for me so I don't have any help to offer you.

  5. Oh, my! So funny! I totally do the "I read somewhere" or "someone I know said..." Can't be sprinkling blogs into the conversation everywhere. People might think I don't have a life! :) Some people work really hard on blogs. Sometimes I'm tempted to do that, but mostly I remind myself that posting on my blog is my outlet. If I post something that will bore everyone else, or make someone stop following, or even if I don't post in a long time, that's all okay.

  6. Hmmmm, sister, it sounds like you need a margarita!

    I, too, am amazed at all the indcredible bloggers out there. Some you just click with. Those are the ones you want to meet up with.

    I'm always amazed at how much you and I have in common. I still can't get over that you wrote Polenta down. Now, I need to remember to tell my mama that. She'll get a hoot out of it. And if I forget...shoot! I'll feel guilty!

    Get a good night sleep!

  7. I am guilty too. I talk about my blogging buddies to my real-life friends....and yes, when I read your posts...I feel as if I am reading a letter or email from an old friend. I have become very comfortable with you and feel as if I have known you a long time. Funny isn't it?

  8. Figuring out the blogging thing takes time. I still don't always know what I'm doing. I do not follow everyone back. If I did, I'd have over 500 blogs to read, and I just can't do that. I try to visit blogs of people who comment, that I don't follow, at least once a week, if I can. If I can't? Well, I just can't. We all have lives and we're all busy. If someone doesn't understand that, then maybe they don't really need to follow me.

  9. Mary, I don't know how you sleep at night carrying around all this guilt. ;)
    I never follow someone who I have NO interest in reading. I do try to reciprocate comments though...but really, if I am busy, I stick with my regulars. I have a lot of followers, but most of them DON'T read my blog, so why bother following them??
    It can get overwhelming sometimes to try and keep up with the blogs, but I am realizing that my priority is home stuff first.

    I have met a few bloggers...and they are even better in person. :)
    I do talk about my blog friends with my family....and they don't think I am weird at all. Well, maybe not to my face anyway....

    have a great day.

  10. I say, "My bloggy friend {so and so}..." to my hubs only. To everyone else, I generalize it as you do. Funny, this blogging. Just what we need... something else to make us feel guilty, right? :-/

    (((hugs))), sista!

  11. I am forever talking about things I have read on blogs, but I do the "someone I know said.." thing!
    I was following a few blogs that I started to lose interest in because all they ever posted were photos from other sources and it started to get old and boring! I tend to like the ones that talk about their lives and the things they are doing.

  12. Please don't feel guilty about not be able to keep up, really who can. There are so many great blogs out there that one could spend all day reading and commenting.

  13. Mary, I do know what you mean. I get to feeling guilty when I don't post with the frequency I think I should. Then I get so busy with work, etc. that I get behind in reading the blogs that I follow. Or I skim through them and don't take the time to leave comments. Anf funny you should mention talking about the blogs I read or the people I've "met" through blogging--or Facebook. I get some pretty strange looks when I try to explain who exactly it is that I'm talking about or where I've read what I'm talking about. Some folks just roll their eyes at me and and say, "How do you have time to do things like that?"

    I've never met anyone in person that I've met through blogging but I think it would be interesting to do so. However, I'm pretty shy and not always comfortable with people I don't know well--so maybe I'm better just meeting them this way.
    But the long and short of it is that I enjoy blogging and I'm pretty proud of what I've accomplished through it. I see it as my way of trying to share who we are as a congregation and what we stand for.

  14. I agree with Auburn Chick -- for MS to ASK you to come is a victory for you as a mom. You did enough things right that he WANTS you to share his moments.

    Guilt is overrated, but all my Catholic friends say it's part of the package (hee hee). I say mothering alone is enough to induce guilt!

    And, if you feel guilt about missing things that show love to the people nearest you, then step away from the keyboard. Those of us in the bloggy world who really enjoy your posts will be back. As for me, it won't be on a regular basis, and it won't always be the same day you've posted, but at least once a week I have to check in on your small town.

    That's more than my extended family gets...and some of them live right here in town. OOPS! (covers mouth with hand and looks shocked)

  15. I only talk about blogging friends to hubby. I also feel guilty when I don't blog about our faith enough. It defines who I am.

    God, family and work should always be first and then blogging. We will still be here to read what you have to say. Have a great fall break!!

  16. like you it's hard to keep us commenting and reading blogs. youi need to have time away from the computer. rose


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