Tuesday Tidbits

I haven't been very good about posting lately; things have just been crazy around here.  Just to catch y'all up, here are a few things that have been going on:

1.  Looks like we've hit another milestone with the kids growing up:  One of OS' friends got married a week or 2 ago in Vegas and they had the reception on Saturday.  It was so weird seeing him in his tux, with his bride.  In my eyes he's still a teenager.  The reception was unusual, or rather, the wedding & groom cakes were.  Since they got married in Vegas, of course they had a Vegas theme.  The wedding cake was a 3-tiered cake with dice and cards out of fondant/clay on it.  The groom's cake was a big round cake decorated as a snuff can.    When the "honorary wedding party" was announced, the disc jockey (is that what they still call them?) was playing that Carrie Underwood song "Last Name".  If you've never heard it, you can watch it here.  When the bride & groom came out, the song by Garth Brooks "Two of a Kind, Working on a Full House" was played.  (No, she's not expecting.)  Very unusual, indeed.  YS & I only stayed until they came out, then we left.  We didn't know anybody, and it was a little uncomfortable.

2.  A couple of people commented about the SkunkApe that I referred to in a post last week.  There is a teacher at one of my schools who has a "SkunkApe" business.  Here is a picture of the t-shirt that I have:
Apparently there have been "Skunkape" sightings not too far from here.  He said that the Travel Channel contacted him; they're doing some episodes on Skunkapes.  (Of course, he may have been kidding...I'm soooo gullible!)  What?  You don't know what a Skunkape is?  Well, you'll have to go to the website to find out! 
Now can you see why I questioned Shaq being seen in our county?

3.  On Sunday during Mass, we had no homily.  I thought there was always suppose to be a homily.  I look forward to seeing how the priest interprets the Gospel, and how he can relate it to our everyday life.  The priest who celebrated Mass is the one whom I believe to have autistic-like characteristics, so he doesn't relate the Gospel to everyday life anyway.  There was a letter from our Bishop that he read, speaking of vocations.  All this priest did was read the letter, then continued on with Mass.  Strange.  I felt like something was missing.

4.  Also on Sunday during Mass, we had the pleasure of having 5 nuns attend.  I thought maybe one of them would speak, tying into the whole vocations' thing.  But, no, I have no idea who they were or where they were from.  After Mass they stayed kneeling in the pew, praying.  They all looked young, so I really thought it was going to tie into vocations.  I admire them a lot.  It takes a lot of courage to hear God's calling and follow it.  I may have mentioned this before, but when the kids were little, there were times when becoming a nun looked awfully good!  The peace and quiet I would've had, but then again, I wouldn't have my 3 beautiful, wonderful boys.

5.  Saturday was UT's first ballgame under the 3rd head coach in 3 years.  I love to hear Derek Dooley talk, because he is a true southern boy who uses true southern sayings.  Here are a couple of favorite quotes from after the ballgame:
“Before you can learn how to win a game, you’ve got to not screw it up,’’
“We start playing big-boy football next week.’’  
I feel like I can be a true Vol fan now, since a lot of our money is now going to UT.  There are a lot of season pass holders and big fans who have never even attended UT.  I've always held back just a little since I didn't go to school there, but now I guess I can cut loose!


  1. I am so jealous of you U of T template, Mary! I wish I could find an Ohio State one. I've sometimes done my own Ohio State blog page by adding my own stuff and changing colors. Maybe I'll do that again.
    Anywayyyy...love the new look! :-)

  2. Love the Big Orange background : )

  3. The Big Orange background is just awesome! We didn't watch or go to the game but listened to a little on the radio. Yay for W for the Vols!!

  4. The whole Shaq comment had me laughing out loud!

    Strange about the no homily thing. Never heard of that either. Usually, when a letter is read, the priest usually says a few things at least, pertaining to the gospel.

    Have a good week!

  5. Cute new design.

    yeah, that wedding sounds strange!! Like really immature kids.

  6. Interesting choices for that wedding reception...I see what you mean.

    Love your new blog look, too. Is Derek Dooley related to Vince? You know I'm from Georgia and we know the name Dooley quite well. LOL

  7. That wedding reception sounds, ummm...unusual. Hopefully they will have a great life together.
    I did see Bigfoot...when I was 11. It could have been an overly large and hairy man, but I don't think so.

  8. Adding my kudos for the orange and white background! Wait till I show my husband--he'll be wanting me to change mine.

    We are huge Big Orange fans and are planning to attend the Fla game with some friends. It'll be my first game!

  9. I love the UT look....it is so fall to me. Loved the post too....even if you are not here everyday....I still love reading you. Have a great week!

  10. We are encouraging our girls to elope. Kidding. ;) Well, I don't know... just thinking some people put more thought into the ceremony vs. the actual marriage. Crazy. :)

    24 days till fall break? Made my heart skip a beat. Yikes!

  11. That is indeed a very unusual reception. Wow.

    Have fun with fall and football. I love reading about your love of football.

  12. cute new blog look - I'm with you, I would feel like Mass wasn't complete without the homily

  13. I know what you mean about them getting married. I remember some of the weddings for our childrens friends and they seemed so young.
    The Vegas theme is cute.
    The Skunkape is funny stuff!

  14. OMG!! My previous principal would just LOVE your background! She actually had ORANGE clothes for certain occasions. Especially when the Vols played the nearby purple&gold team.

    On the no homily thing. One Easter, i went to the Easter Vigil because my boys were serving. Nice homily. Next morning, I went with DH - because he can't even imagine spending nearly 2 hours in a church for Easter vigil. Same priest - Msgr. By-the-Book, and there was NO homily. No apology. No excuse. He read the Gospel, went back to his chair, sat down for a second and then continued with Mass. DH was thrilled that we were out in less than 40 minutes. I was bummed - he is a great homilist and I look forward to them.

    Did you ever find the black folder!


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