Sisters' Weekend Recap

Have I mentioned how much I love my sisters?  They are the most fun I could ever have with a group of women.  We had the best time this weekend:  there were no arguments at all.  Here's how the weekend went:

Friday:  We got to the condo, unpacked, and went to WalMart for groceries.  Then, we went to the Apple Barn Shops to shop.  We usually go on Sunday after we eat breakfast, but by then we're usually tired so we don't get the full shopping experience.  They have a wonderful Christmas Shop that has the neatest ornaments you could imagine.  So, after that, we went back to the condo and enjoyed each others' company.  Two of my sisters made dinner (fresh apple pie from the Apple Barn for dessert...YUM!), then we watched "Valentine's Day". 

Saturday morning:  Breakfast, coffee, and enjoying some early morning views:
Then we hit the stores.  Most of us just go our separate ways, but usually end up in the same store.  It's a blast seeing what everybody bought, and how similar our tastes are.  Here we are at the end of the 1st shopping excursion:

 Waiting for the last person to get to the car:
 Photo op  while we were waiting:
 Yeah, we got kinda bored!
 Some of 'em couldn't wait until we got back to the condo to see the purchases.

 Y'all have heard the expression "When pigs fly", right?

After the 1st excursion, we went to a strip mall that has Books-A-Million and some other stores, but we had to eat lunch firstAnd, the UT ballgame  was on, so we just happened to pick a place that had about a million tvs.
I do think that we got a few looks:  2 tables of women who are cheering (and a little bit of yelling...only a little bit...we were in public, you know!) for the Big Orange.  But, we had to leave the game...more shopping was in order.  Then, we headed back to the condo. One of my sisters plans and cooks an amazing meal for us for Saturday night.  And, one of my sisters-in-law and myself pretend to help.  There was more football watching, although one of my sisters must've been adopted...she doesn't care to watch football games. (I'm not sure what my other sister was doing in the picture.  I think this was after the UT game was over.)

 And, I know for sure these were taken after the UT game:

 Has anybody ever heard of this wine?  It's pretty cheap inexpensive, but  it was actually pretty good.
 The corks have different sayings.  This was the cork in the bottle:
 And the back of the bottle.
 $7 well spent, no?  
Here's the table Saturday night:  Ratatouille, salad,and Polenta.  Very good!
 My contribution to the dinner:  Easy Tiramisu:
 We had to make some modifications.  We couldn't find Lady Fingers at the Wally World, so we used pound cake instead.  And,since I had enjoyed the Mad Housewife, I didn't read the recipe the whole way through so we didn't have some pound cake for the top.  Crushed Pepperidge Farm Pirouettes drizzled with Kahlua worked out very well!
Then, after our food settled, some were brave enough to play a game.  It was Bananarama or something like that.  One of my SILs & I sat on the couch watching a football game; we kept hearing "Dump" & "Peel".  Whatever.  And apparently it took my mom a while to get the hang of it, and apparently my sister sitting next to my mom (in the dark shirt) is a genius at getting away with stuff, because I also kept hearing,  "How do you only have a few when we have a bunch?"  Ummm, yeah.  If I can't win, I don't want to play!

We were able to talk to our little 17 month old grand-niece (who lives in Arizona) for the first time through Skype.  What a cutie!  Each one of us got to talk to her for a couple of minutes, but by the time the last one or 2 had their turn, she was pretty much over it!  And, since one of my sisters and one of my SILs have the same first name, I'm sure she was really, really confused!  Welcome to the family!
 Sunday morning:  Time to pack up.  This is always a sad time,  but I think if we spent anymore time together, claws would've come out!  (ha, ha!)  My SIL (in the green shirt with her back to the camera) is the bomb at packing a car.
 Here's my "little" SIL in her cute little bug, waiting for us to go eat breakfast.
 We were pretty glad it waited until Sunday morning to rain!
 Van's all packed up!  She just had to hold some stuff in while she shut the door!
 We ate breakfast at our traditional place:
And we even got "our table"!

I have a confession about this next picture. This was actually the 4th take on the picture.  I didn't like myself in the first one, in the second one mom was talking, in the third one my sister had her lips pursed, and this is the 4th one.  When my mom saw it, she told me I had my mouth open.  My response:  "My mouth is always open!"  So, here you have it!

We had such an awesome weekend this year.  And, Monday morning it was back to reality. The good thing:  this year it's time for us to be with our family for Thanksgiving, so most of us will be together in a few weeks.  That will be a whole different gripe post in a few weeks...I hosted the big Thanksgiving 2 years ago, and, like a dummy, offered to do  it again.  The good thing is that I have wonderful sisters who come early and help set up (so, if you're reading this, it's expected again this year!).  But that's for another day and another post!
Hope everyone's weekend was at least half as wonderful as mine!


  1. That sounds like so much fun! I'd love to do something like this with my sisters and sister in laws and my mom.

    I love a big crowd for Thanksgiving. We'll be in your neck of the woods for Christmas this year so I will hopefully have some of my family here for Thanksgiving.

  2. That looks like so much fun. I'm glad you had a good time! LOL at your mom commenting about your mouth being open. Hee hee.

  3. Wow, Mary! It looks like you all had a great time! And the Apple House looks like a place I would like!
    AND I loooove your new blog look! I'm gonna hafta go and check out Scrappin' Blogs and see if they have something I like!

  4. What a fun fun fun weekend!!! My sis was on vaca last week and it KILLED me not being able to talk to her a million and 42 times a day like I usually do. Ahh.
    Let's see...
    1. Love the Applebarn
    2. Love the shopping
    3. I go nuts in Christmas stores to the point of being overwhelmed and disappointed that I am not rich.
    4. Your tiramisu looks amazing!
    5. I NEED to find that wine..for 2 reasons...if it's good that's a huge plus and the corks! My friend has made all kinds of awesome decor using the corks of wine bottles. Those sayings would make decor more fun!!!
    6. The VOLS!! That's about all of that topic for now. :)

  5. wow, you all had a full weekend of fun! what a great idea to get together like this! of course i love the applebarn and those shops you mentioned! it's neat to be from the same neck of the woods and know exactly what you're talking about! love your blog's fall look by the way! xoxox

  6. What a fun time. That is so cool! I have often wished I had sisters almost as many times as I was glad I didn't. lol. I have a cousin that I am really close with, we are like sisters, partners in crime, just don't get to see her as much as I would like. One of these days!
    Enjoyed your post. Thanks for sharing.
    until next time... nel

  7. How fun this looked. Apple Barn and plan on eating there in a couple of weeks. 2. Where did you get that wine? It will make some great gifts. 3. Fork over the Easy Tiramisu recipe. I love the stuff. I feel like I know all your family now. They are just like mine. How cool.
    BTW....antfut is a weird word.

  8. What a joyous time! I'd imagine there's STILL estrogen in that CONDO!

  9. Polenta! I've never EVER heard anyone else talk about it. I LOVE Polenta!

    So glad you all had a great weekend. I've been trying to get my fam to do this for years. Everyone is always so busy.

    Great memories!

  10. Looks like such fun! And love love love the Apple Barn! Thank goodness UT won--that game was a heart stopper!

  11. Sounds like it was a wonderful gathering. That wine is different and cute. I will have to look for it. The game is Bananagrams I think. I have it here but really haven't played it much. So glad you had a nice time.

  12. Looks like you had a terrific time!!!! Good for you!

  13. Debby is right, it's Bananagrams. Great game -- I completely destroyed Mike and Cindy at every game we played! :)

    Glad y'all had a good time.


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