All is Right with the World

My "Chubby Hubby" (who will be known as "CH" from here on out whether he likes it or not!) and OS got back into town yesterday afternoon.  OS got his vehicle packed up (complete with school supplies and a reusable bag of food) and headed back to his home away from home.  
I finally got a wonderful night's sleep:  I just don't sleep well when CH isn't there.  I can't sleep if I don't go to bed first (snoring...HELLO! Him, not me!), but it's nice to know he's in the house.

I was in a state of crisis yesterday at work.  You have no idea what if feels  like  to not be able to find this:
"This" is a black folder which holds special ed students' special ed records.  You know, important things like permission to eval, eligibility reports, evaluation reports, and IEPs.  I spent a couple of hours on Tuesday trying to find a student's black folder so I could put a report in it.  It wasn't there.  Talk about panic!   I left a voice mail for the speech pathologist who saw the child last year...she didn't return my call, which was really strange.  So, I e-mailed and found out she wasn't at work that day, but she hadn't given me the black  folder yet.  RELIEF!  Of course, I didn't find that out until yesterday morning when I checked my e-mail, so I was practically in tears Tues. night thinking that I was really losing it.  I'm a very organized person in my work life:  I turn things in on time, make charts for just about everything, and do things the right way.  Right before I left school on Tuesday, I was going to grab another student's black folder and check on something.  Guess what?  It wasn't there.  Seriously.  This student had also gone to a different school last year, only I know for sure that the SLP gave me his black folder at the end of the year.  I put it in my file cabinet in my room, then transferred it to where it belongs when we came back to school last month.  There are things in there that can not be duplicated.  I seriously thought about making copies of everything just in case, but with the size of my caseload and the shortage of funds, that just isn't feasible or realistic.  So, I'm going to have to make a chart that lists transfer students, dates that the black folder and work folder were received, and what I did with the black folder.  This is seriously driving me crazy.  (Okay, so maybe all isn't right with the world!)
 I spent a long time the past couple of nights watching the hummingbirds.  Last night we had as many as 5 at one time...that's the most I've seen all summer.  They are amazing to watch:  chasing each other, seeming to dance with each other.  They are incredible little animals, for sure!  
 Last, but certainly not least:  We have had some celebrity sightings in our county of a huge celebrity:
 Apparently these 2 are dating and are rumored to be engaged.  Nicole "Hoopz" Alexander is a resident of our county, and supposedly Shaq is now living with her.  They've been spotted in Waffle House and the WalMart in the small town.  He was suppose to have been at the big rivalry game last Thursday, but I haven't heard if he really showed up or not.  I was skeptical when I first heard it; the teacher who told me is the teacher who has the "SkunkApe" business!  Interesting...very interesting.

Hope everybody has a wonderful Wednesday!


  1. Ah, memories of going back to school! I do miss it at times!

  2. Glad your CH made it home ok...and that all is now well in your world. I love it when things are as they should be....Shaq cool is that. Happy Thursday to you!

  3. If you haven't read this you should check it out...

    It's a great story of a photographer who is losing his eyesight to diabetes and he comes up with a clever way of photographing hummingbirds. Its a true story.

    What is the skunkape did I miss that???

  4. I hope you find that folder. I hate when I misplace things!!

  5. skunkape?!?!?!

    This needs a part II!

  6. I had to take a deep breath for you after reading about the folders. For such a small town, there's always something exciting going on. ;) "Chubby hubby." *giggle*

  7. If he was at the game we didn't see him and hubby said he was not in the press box (where hubby is doing his coaching from). But I have/did not see him anywhere around town. I DID read about his dance off as compared to Justin Bieber (teen supah stah!). ;) Well, I say I read it...I read a subtitle! haha
    I SO wish it was Friday 7:30pm.

  8. Losing those papers would drive me nuts, too! Glad I'm not the only one who can't always find things the next year!! Shaq??...pretty darn cool!!
    PS. CH??. If you end up hurt, you'll have it coming!! : )

  9. celebrity sightings at the waffle house and walmart? But the important question: Did you see the skunkape? :)
    I have the same exact sleep issues as you...must fall asleep first before the snoring starts, but don't sleep well when the bed is empty! We are hard to please.

  10. Glad to hear CH made it home and OS is off to school without any problems!
    Hey, I'm curious about the skunk/ape thing now, too!! LOL
    So, you DID find the one black folder but now there is another one missing? I surely hope you find it, Mary!
    One time, one of the men at church was making sure nothing was in our new sanctuary that shouldn't have been because building inspectors were coming through for the last time and he threw away TWO HUGE folders of music that I had gathered and worked on for years! I was devastated and cried for days! But that was years ago and life went on. :-)
    Hummingbirds are indeed such unique creatures. Love to watch them!

  11. Glad to know your fellas made it home and you can sleep now. Have a good weekend!

  12. And that is why St. Anthony works part time in my classroom. Because of all the darn paperwork. I usually find it, but the stress in the "looking time" is awful. More than once, after I sit, take a deep breath, utter a prayer to St. Anthony, and look again, I will find it right where it was supposed to be - where I already looked. Makes me crazy(ier).

  13. Oh boy I bet you were scared when you couldn't find it! Nothing is worse then feeling the fear when we loose something!!!

    The hummingbirds sound beautiful! I don't believe I've ever seen one!

  14. hello there fellow small town person haha.. so you are already back to work, i go back on sept 7 :( oh well a routine will be good i suppose, just read your last blog, geeez don't ya just hate that.. or how about putting something in that safe spot and then not knowing where it is.. grrrrr... oh well here's to a great school year.. we don't have kids for a couple of weeks till we get the paperwork ieps etc done so ya... anyways take care and tty soon...

  15. l love hummingbirds. I see them on the rare occasion and would love to snap a photo, but I don't thing that is happening anytime soon.

    And Shaq? Really? My boys would be STOKED!


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