There's a secret in my pantry
That's only for me.
A little grocery bag
That's as quiet as can be.

It's tucked in a corner
Save from view.
Inside is a secret
Shall I give you a clue?

Some days I need
This secret in a sack.
Some days it helps
To get my sanity back.

It may be a leftover
From candy making days.
Buying too much
Sometimes really pays.

You may have figured out
Just what it could be.
Not just a one-piece band,
But a whole Symphony!
( Unfortunately, YS walked by as I was taking a picture of the bag in the pantry and figured out what was in there.  Guess I need to find a new hiding space!)


  1. You must have a lot of willpower to be able to keep it "hidden" until later! ;-)

  2. LOL....that was priceless. My mom used to hide sweets when I was a kid and when they lived with me. I used to think it was funny with them too.

  3. I love are so clever!
    And I guessed it must be chocolate of some kind!

  4. I hide goodies in my crockpot!

  5. Hahaha! That's too funny! When I buy something like this, I always hide it, too. Otherwise Lex sees me eating it and I feel guilty not offering her a piece. I'm so selfish when it comes to candy! :o)

  6. Everyone always found my stashes when I used to keep them too! LOL

  7. Yay for a secret stash - boo for bad timing by YS.

  8. My mom used to have a secret stash of what we kids thought was chocolate. They were really those "Ayds" chocolates that were for weight loss. Ha ha...we LOVED them and had no idea. Really, nobody labeled anything back then!

    Sadly, there was no carry over effect from my childhood. Sigh.

  9. you are good to still have a stash! If I knew I had them, they would be eaten!!

    enjoyed your poem :)


  10. better find a new hiding spot! I just found some delicious Ghirardelli chocolate squares someone gave me "hidden" so well, I fogot they were there until last night!

  11. You're a poet! Can you believe I've never eaten a Symphony bar? And now I'm off sugar. I've lost 13 pounds so I think I'll stay off of it! You should hide it somewhere where your kids never go, like your underwear drawer! Ha!

  12. Chocolate obviously brings out the poet in your soul, and believe me I totally understand. (yep, you gotta find a new hiding spot, cause you're BUSTED!!)

  13. This is so cute!!!

  14. Gosh darn it! Your secret's out?! Classic... Good luck finding a new spot :)

  15. Love this post! I have a canister jar of Hershey's Special Dark chips that I keep tucked away in my baking pantry for those days and for baking, too, on occasion. You should definitely find a new hiding space! Hope you and your family have a happy and safe 4th of July!

  16. Cute! I haven't replenished my supply since vacation. I love having hidden treasures.


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