Who loves summer...raise your hand!  It's just a different, slower pace.  I've had summers when I've slept late and didn't accomplish much.  I've had summers when I needed a summer vacation to get over my summer vacation.  I seem to do better when I have a schedule.

There are some definite advantages to walking in the park at 6:00 a.m.:
~ It's cool.
~ I have the whole park to myself.  This also helps with the girls, because they don't know how to behave when they see another dog in the park. They see that as an opportunity to whine and make all kinds of weird noises to get noticed.
~ Since no one is out that early, it doesn't matter what I look like.  Throw on shorts/sleeveless shirt (my old tennis shirts are great for this) and a hat, and I'm good to go.
~ The birds are singing, and are waking up to start their day.
~ I'm able to take some time and think about what I want to accomplish that day.

 I come home, take some time to cool off and say some morning prayers, take a shower and get ready for Daily Mass.  Then, it's off to Mass, followed by coffee & a bagel at Panera with "the old folks" every morning except Thursday.  I really enjoy sitting around with this group.  They're all a lot of fun and are still very active in their lives.

So, now do you see why I listed "afternoon naps" as part of my Friday's Fave Five last week?
Here's a song that means "summer" to me.  This song came out when I was 10 years old. Everytime I hear it, I think about summers at the local pool (which was THE place to be), laying out on a towel in the grass, and hearing radios blaring in the hot summer sun.

What reminds you of the summers of your youth?


  1. That sounds like the perfect morning to me! I would love to go to mass and then on to bagels and coffee with the seniors! I love senior citizens!

  2. You've just about convinced me to get up and go for a walk that early too.

  3. Seals and Croft take me back too...I loved all their music. Do you remember the song they wrote for their wives-Ruby Jean and Billy Lee is the title-such a beautiful song!

    The class that graduated the year after my brother's had We May Never Pass this Way Again as their prom theme. Great prom song : )

    I like to walk early gets too hot if I wait until after 9. The dog really can't take it and to be honest neither can I. It's so hilly here.

    Happy Summer!

  4. I love that song too!!
    Summer for a kid?? all day in the swimming pool or at the beach and crying at night about my sunburn.
    Just when did they come up with sunscreen???

  5. Staying up to watch "The Late Show" on the TV, sleeping in, smelling the honeysuckle outside my window, the popsicle truck circling the neighborhood, Drive-in movies...lots of great summer memories. . .

  6. Both my hands are definitely up! There's really nothing like summer, is there? I'd love to sleep in everyday, but I just don't do well that way, I do much better when I force myself to get up and be busy.

    Your morning routine sounds lovely.

  7. Ooooh what a great topic!! And a GREAT song. Love that one, too.

    From my REALLY young childhood I remember catching lightening bugs with my cousins and trapping them in mason jars to keep by our beds that night.

    Once I got a little older summer meant summer camp with friends I hadn't seen all year and scouting out parks and malls for boys with my best friend. Oh man, do I miss how time used to go so SLOW during those summers. Now it just keeps flying by!!

  8. Good post, Mary! Remember Welcome Back Kotter? Horse Shack...oooh! Oooh! That's me raising my hand :)

    For me, corn detassling...nightmares from it to this day! Folks made us since it was good pay (almost cost us our lives from heat though, but good pay!)

  9. I vote for summer all year long! I also love morning "alone" time for a walk/run or cup of coffee before everyone else gets up.

    Happy Summer!

  10. Thanks for the comment! I wanna go to daily Mass!!! I know it's bad, but I can't bring myself to get up early. Ug how pathetic sounding!

  11. Seals ans Croft is one of my all-time favorite groups! I might just sit here and play your video over and over~memory lane!

    I love that you hang with the "old folks"! Some of the best times I've had has been with the older parishioners at my Parish. My thirteen year-old loves to listen to the stories. We are losing that story-telling capacity in the 21st century. It's nice to hang out and listen sometimes.

  12. seems like you have a great summer schedule going!! I'm with you; get to the park for walking early before it gets too hot! I used to always do that when I was in charge of walking the dog (now hubby does it since he's not working).

    that is a great school; I hadn't heard it in a long time!

    lazy summer days at the beach, that is what I liked of the summer days of my youth!!


  13. Well, since I'm a teacher, you can probably guess how I feel about summer :) So far, I've slept in til 10am twice but have otherwise gotten up at 8:30--Lots of stuff to pack in this summer :)

  14. The smell of chlorine and suntan lotion...warm sun on my face...singing in the car with my friends...Seals & Croft...Bee Gees...I could go on and on...


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