Taking it Easy

"Summertime...and the living is easy"
I've been taking it easy from the blogging world for the past couple of weeks.  I honestly just needed a bit of a break.  Don't we all need that at one time or another?  Nothing much has been happening in the Small Town, so I haven't had a whole lot to talk about.  Weird...I know.  Even for me!
I have spent the past couple of weeks involved in Beverly Lewis' "Abram's Daughters" series.  I just needed a break from my usual mystery/whodunit books.  Plus, I've always been fascinated with the Amish way of life.  I'm too much of a modern convenience type girl to ever consider living in that world.  Plus, I'm almost legally blind, so I would have to wear glasses instead of contacts.  That one thing would keep me in the modern world!  Not to mention no internet/air conditioning.  Yep, God put me just where I need to be!
CH spent 1 1/2 weeks in DC for work.  YS & I talked about going up on the "Megabus" and staying a few days, but then decided to just be homebodies.  The Megabus is a bus that runs from Knoxville to DC.  It would've cost me $22 to ride up and taken a couple more hours than driving.   ( Sometimes you can get tickets for as little as $8.)   There is internet service available, too.   CH rode it up last time he had to go up and said it wasn't bad at all.
OS is busy working on the river as a raft guide.  He took a class last week to be certified as a white water rescuer.  (I think that's what it is, anyway!)  He is really enjoying living and working on the river.
MS is taking his Freshman English this summer at a community college.  He didn't take it last school year because he didn't want it to mess up his GPA.  He said that at his first class, the instructor told them that they were going to take an hour and get to know each other, because she thought it was important for them to get the college experience.  Then it hit me that he was probably in there with kids that just graduated from high school.  So, yeah, he's thinking he's the BMOC (Big Man on Campus).  He's also working as a sub at the swimming pool.
YS is just taking it easy, practicing on his bass guitar.  He has band camp starting on 5 July.  They do a week at the school, then go away to a college for the 2nd week.  Then, he'll have a week off before school starts.  I know it's early, but the school system is on a "modified year-round" schedule.  They rotate going to school for 9 weeks, then 2 weeks off.  It made total sense until this past year when they went to trimesters instead of semesters.  Now the breaks come at a weird time of the trimester instead midway in the semester.
Hope everybody is doing well!  I'm off to visit and see what everybody has been up to!


  1. Taking it easy is what summer is all about : )

  2. Sounds like everything is going well and all is peaceful! Just the way I like it!

    Wish we had that bus to DC! Then I could scoot up to visit DD2 anytime I wanted to! Lucky!

  3. taking it easy, here, too. At least where blogging is concerned. :-) Enjoy!

  4. glad you are relaxing and enjoying your break! I'm with you; I don't think I could ever live a simple life like the Amish. I would miss a lot of my conveniences. The schools here do a similar schedule with modified year round. They got out June 2 and are going back July 20, but I think they take lots of weeks off during the year, 3 weeks for spring break, same for Christmas etc. I think it makes sense; kids don't get too bored during long summer breaks and then it is nice to have those breaks during the school year when people are feeling tired etc


  5. It sounds like your summer is off to a great start and that the family is settling in and enjoying their summer, as well. That's a heckuva deal to travel to DC, huh? I wish I had something like that here. Maybe we do.....I should check!

    btw....I've always been interested in the Amish, as well, and like you, know that it could never be my way of life. We saw some at Niagara Falls...at least I think they were Amish...??...I posted a photo in my Facebook summer album. I made David take a pic since he had the zoom lens. :)

  6. That book sound interesting...I'm going to have to look for it!

    I understand exactly what you mean about periodically needing a blogging break. Enjoy yourself and the slower pace of summer!

  7. Yay...I am so glad you posted an updated! I've been wondering what you're up to! Rest is good. I can't wait for my turn!

  8. I'm also fascinated by the Amish - but only from a distance. ..Glad you're getting some time to recharge your mojo; we all need that from time to time. Your boys are in constant motion, aren't they. The life of the young & unattached.

  9. I'm with you; both in that sometimes you just need a break, and in that I'm not sure I could live without internet or A/C!

  10. Good for you ... taking it easy is way underrated! ha!

  11. Another similarity we have. I have always been fascinated by the Amish and Mennonites as well. I love to read about them and have read the books you are reading now. I have one I will send you when I put my hands on it...it is buried somewhere on my desk.


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