No Longer Needed

I read The Frat Pack + Me's post about her son getting his driver's license, and it got me thinking about our kids' independence.  After I spent 22 years making sure that the boys were at their extra-curricular activities, umpteen drives to and from sport  and band practices, coordinating all of the practices and making sure we all ate supper together (well, most of the time!), the day came when it all changed.  Once YS got his license and started driving the whole mile to school, my world changed.
No one needed to be picked up or taken anywhere.  All I had to do was have dinner ready when CH and YS were home.  I began to have my afternoons free.  I remember walking into the house one afternoon and just standing there.  And I wondered, "What do you do when you come home and nobody needs you anymore?"  In just another year, YS will be at college.  Not only will nobody need me after school, but nobody will be expected for dinner (except for CH).  I won't be expected to go to high school football games to work concessions or booster meetings.  I'm going to have a whole lot of time on my hands.
So far this year, I'm spending a little more time at school in the afternoons.  There's no need to rush home.  I'm trying to get into the habit of going straight to work out before I go home.  It seems to be working so far.
Guess I'd better work on finding some friends (even though I have sisters!) so I'll have something to do!


  1. Yeah; reality. Ughhhh.
    I suppose YOU will have to start doing more fun things for yourself...right????
    Linds will be driving after Christmas too and I can already see how much more time I will have!

  2. I think it's much harder than it seems. Good for you for being proactive. Enjoy this last year, I am dreading the day when my younger ones are grown and gone.

  3. This is one reason why I'm not in a big hurry for my son to get his exhausted as I am, constantly, with all the running around...I like feeling needed. I'm dreading that day.

  4. It is a whole new adventure, isn't it? It does have it's perks, but it is so bittersweet. Oh, and thanks for the shout out ;-)

  5. I remember when that happened. It is a strange feeling not to be needed or have to be the taxi driver. ((HUGS))

  6. I think it is good you are thinking this through before you are faced with it when YS graduates this year. Seems like you have some good plans in motion too to accomplish it! (but deep down you are probably like me, willing to do it all over again, even the crazy hours of transporting back and forth, volunteering, etc; they grow up so quick!_


  7. I do believe that motherhood is the only profession where the goal is to work ourselves out of a job.

  8. Boy, can I identify with your thoughts, Mary! Rooster has band practice and internship after school this year, and I'm finding that it's nice to be able to stay after work "guilt-free," knowing that I'm not missing anything at home. Rooster will be graduating early (in January), so I'm looking forward to heading into work a few minutes earlier in the mornings as well, although I'm going to miss our daily devotions before school. Sigh.

    I think you're doing a good things...going to work out...straight from school. You're finding that you have time for YOU now. Take full advantage of it!!


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